A Podcast with Light Grey Art Lab

A podcast with Amy Ng

Hi folks!

Posting will be light for this week as I’m currently away for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content that’s happening in Singapore – but I managed to squeeze in time last week to talk to Lindsay of Light Grey Art Lab over Skype about the recent SMART show that I curated for their gallery! In this half-hour long podcast, you can listen to me talk about geeky stuff and what my thoughts are for artists who are looking to expand their creative vision, and how to find more work. We had lots of fun and I hope you enjoy listening (and I’m sorry for how my voice sounds – I wasn’t feeling well at the time!)

It’s my first podcast ever (as well as my first curated show!) so I really am so grateful for the opportunity given to me by the team at LGA! It’s going to be up from now till 7th June, so check out the online gallery or online store!

For the podcast, you can hop over to the the Light Grey Art Lab to download the mp3 or listen to it on iTunes – just click here!

I’ll catch up with you all soon!

3 Replies to “A Podcast with Light Grey Art Lab”

  1. debbie ann says:

    I just saw that exhibit set up at the library today. welcome to Singapore.

  2. jacqueline says:

    I just listened to the podcast while going for a walk. I’m pretty sure for most of my walk I had a goofy smile plastered to my face. It was such a delightful listen! So many interesting things to think about and mull over. Mostly I love how generous you are towards people, and how you love to encourage others. Well done Amy!

    1. amy says:

      Aawww! Thank you so much Jacqueline! I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast – I had so much fun doing it! I think I goofed up a couple of times, but it was all for a good laugh! 🙂

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