Yoriko Youda: A drawing a day for 5 years

Yoriko Youda

Yoriko Youda

Yoriko Youda

Yoriko Youda

Yoriko Youda

Tokyo-based graphic designer Yoriko Youda has been uploading her work every single day to her website since 2007.

So now there’s a total of 1800+ pieces where she explores topics such as colors, shoes, everyday objects, buildings – the list goes on and on. She can expand on one topic across several different pieces, and this is the part where I find truly interesting. She pushes her limits to create something new within each category, which in turn allows her to create extraordinary images. She’s stretching and the results are smart, witty and amazing.

Persistence is key when it comes to creating great stories through art. [Like this? Tweet it out and share it!

Happy Monday folks!

[Via Spoon & Tamago]

2 Replies to “Yoriko Youda: A drawing a day for 5 years”

  1. To create a piece of art everyday and then share it with the world is such a great idea and challenge for any artist to stretch and evolve! But to do what you love makes persisting easier. I love Yoriko’s work. It’s so creative and curious. Makes the viewer do a double take. Thanks for sharing her work. I feel challenged to make more art because of her example. Inspiring!

  2. ess says:

    That is so impressive – the work and the commitment (they go well together, don’t they?!). Ok… I need to stop looking at fab art and go make some starting now!

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