Pikaland x Light Grey Art Lab = an exhibition!

Pikaland x Light Grey Art Lab: SMART

Ever since I’ve started the blog, I’ve had this tiny little secret wish that I could curate a real live art show. It could be anywhere at all in the world – I don’t mind one bit. I have to say that I didn’t really approach anyone – yes, I’m painfully aware that I didn’t – because this little thought of mine slowly retreated to the far recesses of my brain with all the ideas that I’ve been busy cooking up.

But lo and behold – five years later (aha!) – Lindsay of Light Grey Art Lab (owner of a gallery & art events space in Minneapolis, Minnesota) emailed me one day, and asked me if I’d be up for curating a show. And of course I said YES! The theme was titled SMART: an exhibition of wit, ingenuity and guile; and was meant to challenge artists – one that would have them work with materials, ideas and narrative beyond what they’re comfortable with; to create something that’s really crafty and clever – something that was so clever, that people would exclaim “I wish I thought of that!” or “I see what you did there!”

It stems from my thirst for things that intrigue me, and makes me ponder – more so as I travel along this journey. I find that I enjoy dissecting and disseminating ideas; and look forward for the unexpected in the everyday. Collaborations, and the remix of ideas propels my imagination to no end, and so I’m just so excited to see what artists can come up with!

I’ve already put together a list of 20+ artists (who are already sneakily creating something for that right now!) but we’re also having an open call for artists who would like to participate in the exhibition over at Light Grey Art Lab. So, if you’d like to be a part of it and make us go all “WOW!” here’s your chance – head to this page here, and leave us your name, email address and website so that we can go over your work and whip up a list!

Call for entries close by March 27th, and your piece needs to be there in by 26 April 2013 (the exhibition will be held at Light Grey Art Lab from May 17 – June 7th), so scoot on over and raise your hand if you’d like in on this!

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