Exploring the 5 Senses!


This winter, Jamie Shelman will be offering a 5-week course for those who are looking for a way to keep the creative fires burning, meet and connect with new artists, and be inspired to make new work!

The course is entitled Exploring the 5 Senses: Jamie’s Winter Challenge, and is taught by artist/illustrator/Pikaland Artist Bootcamp instructor Jamie Shelman, with guest appearances by artist Tom Meyer and yours truly. I won’t be teaching this course, but Jamie is, and she’s a fantastic teacher! For those who are looking to incorporate your senses into your work, she’ll teach you how to become more aware of how each sense can be interpreted through your art.

Find out more about this course (and where you can enroll!) on Jamie’s blog. Classes start Nov. 15th and space is limited, so grab a seat early (plus there’s an early bird special that’s happening right now!)

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