New project: 1000 things to draw

1000 things to draw!

One of my resolutions this year was to come up with projects that would further help to challenge creatives out there to have fun.

You may also remember that I put up a list of 100 things to draw two years ago that serves as a “starter list” for those who are just looking to draw something. Or just anything for that matter.

I got a lot of comments on that one, and it was just something that I came up with on a whim one day. A year on, I asked myself – why should I limit this to just 100 items? How can I come up with even tougher subjects for those who are looking for more? So I challenged myself – I wrote and scribbled down about 300 more things to draw. And then I added verbs to the mix. And then I added even more stuff to the list. Then I started to think, what if I were to cross reference this big list with another? And so 1000 Things to Draw began to take shape.

When I told my technical whiz Victor about the idea, he was game to put it out there. But I questioned myself constantly – is this crazy? Is it just plain dumb? Would people even want this sort of thing? But then I decided I didn’t care a hoot what others think – I just thought it would be fun to put it out there for others to enjoy. And so I designed the website and came up with things to draw while Victor put it all together for me.

Think of 1000 Things to Draw as a game, where anything goes. I have to warn you, it’s really out there. Like crazy silly. Just hit the button again and again and you’ll find yourself guffawing and sniggering at the whole thing before you actually start to draw. It’ll tease your imagination and create the silliest scenarios that you wouldn’t have thought of. Ever. You can make it into a game with your friends by taking turns to find something to draw. Take it on the road by purchasing a PDF that you can play offline (with the PDF version you can go even crazier with even more possibilities for random fun!) The fun to be had, along with possibilities for laughter and creativity is endless!


You can also share your drawings done via our Flickr group, or head on over to our Tumblr page to submit your drawings! Have a collaborative call for drawings, or just to show off your mad skills – whichever works!

I’m really pleased with the outcome, so I want to invite you over to have a go at it (click here!) and let me know what you think in the comments below! And if you know someone who will benefit from this, help us spread the word through social media – Facebook, Twitter and all!

Psst, the actual total number of things that the system comes up with is actually much more than 1000 things to draw! 😉

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25 thoughts on “New project: 1000 things to draw

  1. This is awesome! Thank you for putting it together!
    I came to your blog through a pin on your 100 things to draw list and I became a fan of the blog!

    • Hi Tony! I tried it out on an ipad and iPhone (3GS at that!) and they both work – which versions and iOS are you running?

    • Hey Clare, you can click the refresh button in your browser to get a new set of things to draw. It’s the same as clicking the button. 🙂

  2. Hey Amy
    I was wondering if this 1000 things to draw pdf offers tutorials or step by step instructions? I mean, I’m not really good at drawing and thought maybe this project would help me to get better.

    • Hi Evrim! There isn’t a step-by-step tutorial included in the PDF but there’s a drawing tipsheet for you to download for free when you sign up for the mailing list at the site itself. I think it’s helpful to remember that you can be as silly as you want and not worry about the outcome – people are often better than they they think!

  3. Hey Amy
    Great idea, would be cool to have a platform to share the resulting drawings with everyone. Could be inspiring for others to get started as well.

  4. Congrats Amy on getting this project up and out there! My favorite find so far is “buttocks dancing with a pail of dirt”. Haha.
    Some of them (like that) don’t really prompt me to pick up a pencil, but at the same time, maybe that’s a testament to how much more I should push myself to be un-serious about doodling and drawing. Keep up the good work!

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