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What to draw: a list

100 things to draw

I’ve been thinking a lot about drawing these days, and a lot of it is spent wondering about what to draw (raise your hand if you feel the same way!) So I did what an organized person would do – I made a list. At first I hit 50. Then 80. By the time I was done, I had about a list of 100 things to draw that must be shared (see update below!) So for those who need a little inspiration on what to draw next, you can now download a small PDF of the list I made. (The preview image here is just part of it, but you can see a full preview of the file at the left hand side of the blog.)

Feel free to spread it around and send it to those who needs it!

UPDATE: In my haste of putting out the list, there’s some laughable typos and things that are plain wrong! What the heck are “Mosters”?? (#57) & toads and spiders are NOT insects! (#46) They’re reptiles and arachnids respectively!


1000 things to draw!

Thanks to all the feedback out there, I’ve launched a new website called 1000 Things to Draw that will blow your mind further! This tool will generate a random scenario for you to draw, and you can purchase a PDF that you can bring around with you to play with. CLICK HERE to go to 1000 Things to Draw!

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54 thoughts on “What to draw: a list

  1. this list is perfect. i remember being in art school and thinking if i had to draw one more set of hands or fruit bowls, i might die. i haven’t drawn anything in a long time so i think i’ll start with your list. thank you!

  2. Well, regarding “Mosters”, in Danish a moster is your mother’s sister. So I’ve got these images of auntie monsters in my head now…
    Great list of ideas!
    : ) Karina

  3. or you can draw favorite birds like peacocks :3 their my fav and colorful things like fishes seahorse ur fav animal i like drawing cheetahs animal things r pretty to draw <3

  4. Hi Amy! This list was really helpful. We were suppose to draw something, anything ordinary for art. However just to let you know they are 80 things not 100 but thanks Amy !

  5. Hey thanks so much for sharing. I never knew what to draw but I do now! And now on whenever I don’t know what to draw I’ll look at your list!! Thanks x

  6. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for the ideas, but maybe next time be more imaginative, draw a dragon or a unicorn, or your own creature, be creative!

  7. oppure si può disegnare uccelli preferiti come pavoni: 3 loro la mia fav e le cose colorate come cavalluccio marino animali pesci ur fav mi piace disegnare cose animali ghepardi r abbastanza per disegnare

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  10. oh that is so cool! I’m thinking about using this as personal challenge – like drawing those themes one by one maybe with small modification :) you’re the best!

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  16. I am trying to start a little thing creating “Just Start” bags with sketch pads, color pencils, etc. to give out to anybody (from 1%ers to homeless) to help them get that part of themselves awake and thinking outside of the norm…. I would LOVE to print out your 100 things to draw to add to this, but is it possible you can do a version that will print out in letter size? If not, I can work with the PDF as is, but you are my new role model. :)

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