Caleb Luke Lin

Caleb Luke Lin

Caleb Luke Lin

Caleb Luke Lin

Caleb Luke Lin

Caleb Luke Lin

Caleb Luke Lin

These scarves by Caleb Luke Lin caught my eye – I like how his illustrations (in particular, his patterns) work well with the draping of the scarves to reveal fascinating shapes and patterns – and not just when it’s lying flat. It’s definitely something to think about when designing for fabrics!


  1. LOVE them… they are gorgeous! :)

  2. love them as well – especially the “expanse of empires” one * julia

  3. karen says:

    Beautiful! I wish they were for sale!

  4. Fabulous illustrations and colours!

  5. Bethany Hissong says:

    I’m in love with that first one… are these not for sale?? Saks needs to contact him immediately!

  6. Moa says:

    Crappy map scarf, where’s new zealand… Always gets missed out for being so awesome.

  7. Jess says:

    They are stunning! I’d love to buy one too… He already has 7 sales given the comments! :)

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