Sponsor giveaway: Carla Sonheim

Carla Sonheim's giveaway!

If your Tuesday is looking a little drab, you’ve come to the right place. Oh yes, that’s right.

Courtesy of artist Carla Sonheim, you’ll be vying with lady luck to win not just one or two items, but three things, my friends. All three things to arrive via mail that will instantly perk up your week no matter where you are in the world (yes, it’s open to all!)

In conjunction with the launch of Carla’s latest book: Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals: A Mixed-Media Workshop, she’s giving away the book (retailed at USD$24.99) plus two limited edition prints worth USD$25 each; to ONE lucky reader.

All you’ve got to do is just leave your comments on this post – share with us the name (and quirks) of your imaginary friend/creature/animal when you were young. If you didn’t have one (I didn’t because I didn’t realize we could!) feel free to make something up – you know, sort of like the imaginary friend you never had!

Giveaway ends next week after Tuesday 30th October 2012!

*UPDATE:* The winner of this giveaway is Yvonne – and we’ve sent out an email to notify her! Thanks so much for commenting everyone!

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57 thoughts on “Sponsor giveaway: Carla Sonheim

  1. Hello,
    I had an imaginary friend called Poo.
    We used to play ball together against a wall in our courtyard.
    He used to eat all the carrots that I fed him (I hated carrots as a child). Poo wasn’t really human. He was from a far away planet.

    Now everytime I see a child playing ball against a wall I smile.
    I love carrots and I believe aliens exist.
    And I miss Poo.

  2. I didn’t have any imaginary friend when I was young but if I did I would imagine him to be this badass with a devil may care attitude but deep down he is the most compassionate being ever! I would name him BO!

  3. My imaginary friend was a little rabbit that my granduncle gave me when I was 3. He didn’t have a name. He was grey, with a pink nose and a pink ribbon tied around his neck.

    At nights, we’d team up with the other stuffed animal friends on my bed and go for a spin around the world on my magic carpet (my bed). My favourite places to go were usually above shining silver cities, and clear oceans packed with sea creatures. We would get off on islands, deserts and icebergs, and explore for ages before arriving home safely for sleep.

  4. What a beautiful book!
    I had an imaginary land that I could access via an almost invisible square hatch in the back wall of my closet. It was a bright, shiny wonderland in there. Lots of lakes and flying horses.

  5. Oh gosh, this is SO embarrasing… but I had a whole lot of imaginary friends (and pets) when I was little. I have a very, well, healthy imagination… 😉 So with all my imaginary friends I acted out plays, tv-shows, hollywood movies… I was the star, of course, and they were the other characters. Oh dear, sounds like I was a very lonely little girl, playing with all these imaginary friends! In fact, I had many real-life friends, but making movies and plays was just a solo-thing. Like drawing, illustrating and all the creating I do now :-). So I would LOVE to win this set! I already have Carla’s ‘Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists’ and I use it a lot. I’m a fan!

  6. Old Mr Duck was really quite weird,
    He wore crabs on his feet and tied shells to his beard,
    To live in the sea was his ultimate wish;
    To ride on a seahorse and have tea with a fish.

    He left me one day for the ocean so grim,
    I haven’t seen him since, I hope he could swim!…

  7. I don’t remember her having a name, but I had an imaginary friend that was a mouse (in a polkadot dress, no less!) that traveled from place to place and always came back with news from the places she had been to. She had a magical watch that did… something or other, and an umbrella so that she could survive any fall.

  8. I called my imaginary friend, Ghostie. I’m not sure if he was a real ghost, but we had our best conversations in the bathroom. I would sit on the toilet and chat with him. I’m sure the rest of my family was completely perplexed listening to me from the other side of the bathroom door. He was smaller than me and he lived in the corner of the bathroom. At least that’s where I directed my conversations.

  9. I didn’t have an imaginary friend as such, but I did see all kinds of creatures in raindrops, cracks in doors and walls etc. Actually, I still do 😉 Love the drawings and this book looks great, right up my alley!

  10. i had an imaginary dog that slept on his back with his cute little pink tongue sticking out- wait that’s the rescue dog that lives with me now. I didn’t even think to have an imaginary pet. Can I go back to childhood, and have a do over? Because seeing the animals on the cover of this book makes me wish I had had one!

  11. I didn’t know we could have imaginary friends either ^^

    there was this little camera that followed me around. I didn’t know where it was from but I decided to call it “mera” cause it sounds pretty cool. perhaps I am a little narcisstic because I like to think that it was taking my picture ;p

  12. Hey Amy!

    Thank you so much for a wonderful giveaway!
    My imaginary friend was a little bit of me, sort of like myself but with some extraordinary powers. Together, as one, we’d see creatures in the dark, we were e able to speak in every animal language and, of course, we could fly/float in the air using our hands to propel ourselves. 🙂


  13. I hadn’t got imaginary friends when I was young, but now I named (and give a life) to a lot of objects in my house.
    I have a Jew dog pillow called Berry Lindo, a plant of rosemary called Mr. Marino Rosa, a cactus named Gianna and a still clock named Fermo.

  14. Great to see the site up and running. Imaginary friend as a youngster? None I’m afraid but would certainly like Lady Luck to be by my shoulder right now.

  15. I don’t think my imaginary friends were made up animals. It seemed imaginary enough that an animal would be your firend and maybe communicate. It would be fun to have a fox that could speak and show you around the forest.

  16. Count me in! I had a whole host of imaginary animal friends as a kid (along with a bunch of baby birds that always seemed to find me), and oddly enough, it’s never really gone away. Right now, it’s the little house gremlins (with names humans can’t pronounce properly) that move things I’m trying to find. You can almost hear them giggle every time I ask where my keys are.

  17. The imaginary friend that I never had would be a large furry, yet cute monster. He’d be a gentle giant with big puppy eyes and horns to protect me from evil. He’d also be so big that I could sleep in the palm of his hand. And of course he would be purple and his name would be Larry.


  18. I had pigeon-like friends named Deli. And I wrote songs for them.. haha.. thanks to my grandma who locked us out of the house to learn how to play outdoors with our imagination!

  19. Oh, I really want this book! I used to have an imaginary friend named John Jean. I think I imagined him to be like danger mouse, the british crime fighting cartoon mouse. He would do all the hero posturing but not actually fight crimes, he was just my friend who would hang out with me in Arizona. I think I was too young to come up with crime adventures!

  20. I had an imaginary pair of pet elephants that lived in my closet for a while when I about four. I don’t think they lasted too long (it was probably the close quarters, didn’t suit them.)

    Adamandia K.

  21. Oh my! I had imaginary monsters – there was a big sort of sasquatch thing that made sure I was sleeping when I was supposed to and I used to fake it out. I would line all of my stuffed animals along the wall on my bed and I would communicate with them telepathically and let them know when the monster was coming. When it was coming we would all pretend we were sleeping until it left the room.

    I miss my telepathic chats with those animals – I had a couple of bunnies and a lamb (all of which I still have) and others I sadly can’t recall.

  22. I love Carla Sonheims work. And I love that she shares it with the rest of us. I think I have to make my self an imaginary friend. A friend who can hang out with me while being creative. And I think I will make him with inspiration from Sonheim. I got work to do. Fun!

  23. As an only child, I spent a lot of time building imaginary worlds! We built forts in the woods, cooked up potions & elixirs and went on adventures looking for magical tools and treasures. Honestly, a part of me will always be looking at the world through those little girls adventurous eyes. My main companion was a delicate doe who would was always by my side. She was a muted, pale pink with white markings and together we were unstoppable! We also really liked rainbows, sunsets and all things related to the great outdoors.

  24. Hi!

    I had a teddy bear called Ottobaby. Yeah, that’s not imaginary. BUT he had loads of imaginary adventures that my dad always told me in the evening. He threw parties in my Barbie house, he was always guilty of throwing my room into utter chaos, he swore a lot and he loved to steal food. Quite the little anarchist.

    And I’d loooove to win that book and those prints 🙂 Wonderful idea!

  25. Growing up in Hawaii, I had an imaginary friend named Ben Chan. Ben liked to steal my grandmother’s menthol cigarettes and hide them behind the toilet. Unfortunately, I always got the smack down for that… even though I told her that Ben Chan was the one who set me up! Ben also enjoyed eating and drinking dairy products (please keep in mind that milk is obscenely expensive in Hawaii–I think it was like $6/gallon). I was on a milk ration… but that didn’t stop Ben from guzzling down half a gallon in one day… and then ravaging the processed cheese slices. Ben was also notorious for wearing my mother’s heels and sticking her false eyelashes onto the bathroom mirror. Oh Ben… how I miss you and your antics.

  26. Did not have an imaginary friend growing up, the only reason being that I had a LARGE family, there was simply too much noise and activity for an imaginary buddy to develop.

  27. Wish-Wish was the best friend ever because she was always so willing to do everything I suggested. We got in enormous trouble though, when I interviewed her, on tape Over the top of my older sister’s “Xanadu” cassette… Pretty sure we are still not forgiven. Hee! Plus, I am pretty sure this was the first time I realised she was not “real”, though she was real enough for me.

  28. I didn’t have an imaginary friend, but was probably overly involved in the lives of my stuffed animals… I carried a toy grey kitten around for years, and a pillow-sized mint green alligator whose mouth you could use as a purse. (To put the kitten in?) I don’t know… I’ve always been kinda a loner – I think all my friends are imaginary now! LOL

  29. He didn’t have a name. He didn’t need one. He was invisible and would fly right outside the car/bus window. As I was riding in the back I would control where he flew and the tricks he did around, up and over the objects alongside the road. hehe.

  30. My sister and I used to have an imnaginary friend. His name was “Montoto”. He was our friend, but we used to blame him of everything we did.

    We were such horrible friends. Maybe that’s why he leaves us.

  31. My imaginary friend was “Kush-Kush” (it’s like calling him “cutie” in hebrew)… he was a tiny cut bear, and used to wear a red over-all made from kordeory fabric… also had a matching hat that could fit the lovey bear-ears 🙂 i still find myself trying to draw him from time to time or wishing i could hug him again (and im almost 30!) hi hi.
    nice post! broght up lots of wonderfull memories!

  32. I didn’t have one, but if I did it might be Mr Meatball…Hmm…maybe I’m a bit hungry right now?! It wouldn’t be very nice to eat Mr Meatball now would it?

  33. I didn’t have an imaginary friend as a youngster (I have a twin sister, so I always had a companion!) but if I did, his name would have been Snoodly Dunkins. He would have been sort of a bear/racoon/dog hybrid. Not one to appear without his coat, vest, top hat and pince nez, he would have avoided wearing pants at all costs, nevermind the potential scandal that may produce. We would have taken tea at two and held our cups with our pinkies out, and he would have always used his napkin. Snoodly Dunkins would have been the very image of discretion and any & all secrets, gossip, or dreams would have been well and securely kept.

  34. I realized I wanted to have an imaginary friend too late …and had an unnamed baby dragon around middle school. Coincidentally it lined up with my socially awkward years…

  35. My imaginary friend was a Shetland Pony named Danny. Danny and would race around town pretending we were stuck in the bermuda triangle trying to get back to our time and place in the world. Luckily this always happened before dinner.

    Sadly as I grew older i realized having an imaginary pony friend was not something other girls had. Luckily Danny found a mare-friend Moonbeam and absconded down to Florida with her. He sent me a post card (that I wrote.. to myself.. to console.. myself) saying that he was happy and not to worry about him.

    I still have that postcard 🙂

  36. Oh these are so lovely!
    I was sad that I didn’t automatically have an imaginary friend when I was a kid (I somehow believed this friend would materialize, like a ghost of some sort, but it never did), so I pretended to have an imaginary friend. Oops.

  37. I had imaginary friends- faeries, pixies and elves all thanks to the wonderful Enid Blyton books that filled my childhood! They seem to have jumped out of the books and into my life back then.

  38. I did not have an imaginary friend but had several dogs who were well loved. At various times we had a cocker spaniel, a collie and a bassett hound who were each unique loveable characters. Loved Carla’s first book and this one looks equally inspirational and fun.

  39. I didn’t have one single imaginary friend. I had adventures with a bunch of them. I remember climbing up the Faraway Tree with my Famous Five friends. It was of course just me up a mango tree outside my mother’s kitchen whispering urgent messages to my comrades below. My mother heard me and asked if I was talking to myself. I was so embarrassed it was the last time I ever played with any imaginary friends. Sad. Now I just keep them all in my head. Haha 🙂

  40. Once I found out about the concept of imaginary friends, I developed one named “Jackman Fost,” a not so sly take over of the holiday favorite, Jack FRost.

  41. I had one but I can´t remember it´s name, now a days I got many ^___^ which end up being characters I develop. One can be Edgar the bunny who dreams to become a famous doctor when he grows up. He is much respected in the animal community due to his efforts when trying to put ban aids on a little kitty’s knee o puppy’s elbows.


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  43. I wish I’d had an imaginary friend as a child. An imaginary animal that would’ve made me feel better, when times were hard (and they were a lot of hard times for me when I was growing up). A little ugly animal, that would have told me it was ok to be creative, and day dream. ~ Sara

  44. I didn’t have an imaginary friend as child, not a recurring one at least, because I did have many imaginary adventures, mostly with me as a gypsy girl for some reason, so you could say I had imaginary horse friends to ride with. 😀

  45. My imaginary animal friend was a baby panda bear. We would do summersaults and go on adventures in my backyard. I haven’t seen him in a long time. Thanks for reminding me about animal friends! -sommer

  46. I never had an imaginary pet, I played with a lot of frogs that coincidently dried out, why wouldn’t they leap/frog/jump off the windowsill instead of baking in the hot summer sun?
    Does it count that I always wanted to be a sock when I grow up? I still could be a sock, it is my plan B!

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