Natasha Muhl

Natasha Muhl

Natasha Muhl

Natasha Muhl

Happy Halloween everyone!

While a lot of people are dressing up a ghouls or a celebrity this time of the year, for me the day is extra significant because it’s my father’s birthday too. He’s away for work so there’s no celebrations this year, and I miss him tons. So to cheer myself up, I’ve been perusing some artworks at Etsy and found Natasha Muhl, an artist based in Australia.

I’ll often re-use motifs and imagery as familiar signatures in my pieces. Beasts & nature, female sovereigns, birds, gems and meat often show up in my illustration; wasted and deformed, bleeding, or sometimes reduced to bones. ~ Natasha Muhl 

Her pencil works are wonderful, and these birds in her Etsy shop look cute instead of scary (I want to give them a home!) There’s more where that came from – you can take a look at her portfolio to see more of her illustrative range.

p/s: I’m so glad to be back – yesterday you might have noticed that we we’re down for quite some time, due to hurricane Sandy that knocked our servers out for a good 5 hours. We’re lucky though, as many other big websites were down for much longer.

I’m also extending Carla’s giveaway for another two days, and my apologies as the last couple of comments didn’t make the website migration that was carried out on Monday. If you were one of the last commenters, please do check to see if yours is still there!


  1. Chezchouke says:

    Congrats with your father and the illustrations are quite funny. Hope you are well with this Sandy storm, I’m following the news here in the Netherlands. Amazing!

  2. Tali says:

    These are so expressive! Love them

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