Melanie Linder

I sneaked off early today to catch up on some zzz’s after doing some a lot of house cleaning for the impending Chinese New Year and I thought for once I’d play truant, but I couldn’t quite tear myself away from the computer screen (or from you guys!) And guess what I found? Melanie Linder of Spread the Love who has not just one calendar up for sale, but a few in her shop ready to go!

Best of all, I love how she slips messages that are perfect for Valentine’s Day too. She’s a genius!


Have a great weekend peeps and I’ll catch you on Monday!

I hope you’ve also put in your vote for your favorite artist in the Zines edition of the PikaPackage Project last week. If you haven’t already, you still have this weekend to add your name to the list! 🙂

Jason Proudler

Jason Proudler

I don’t quite remember how I stumbled on Jason Proudler’s work, but he is quite an elusive artist. All I know is that he’s based in Altlanta, Georgia and his website is down. I really dig how he adds so much life with crisp strokes — take a look at how he renders the facial features of his characters. It makes me imagine that their heads are aging way ahead of their bodies!

Good thing is that his shop is still up and running though, so if you’re a fan of his you can get some prints and originals over here.

Etsy Team Cat Attack!

Some of my recent favorite cat art is coming from my new Etsy Team Cat Attack members! Strange I just realized they all have blue backgrounds! HUH!
In order of appearance:
Esme, caught by surprise by vivstrauss
Custom oil painting of your pet by katep and
Seasame by Hawaiicats.

See more great cat art from Etsy Team Cat Attack members here and if you make and sell cat inspired work on Etsy, consider joining our team, there’s always room for more cool cats!

~ Jamie

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