A collection a day

I stumbled a little late onto Lisa Congdon’s fabulous little project called A Collection A Day where she documents — either by photograph or by drawing — a collection of things. Started in January 2010, the project has already ended but will live on in the form of prints and also a soon-to-be-published book.

And of course if you’re obsessed about collections, a flick through Camilla Engman’s popular flickr group Organized Collection will help you justify the 59th kitchen ladle that you just bought at the flea market (and yes, buying it to add to your photography prop collection is a very valid reason!)

Saul Bass on creativity

If you love Saul Bass then you’re in for a treat (if you’re not familiar with his work, thumbing through his over at Google Images will get you up to speed). I am thoroughly enjoying these shorts that I’ve discovered via BoingBoing that offers a glimpse (in Saul’s style) into the process of creativity. My favorite quote?

Where do ideas come from? By looking at one thing and seeing another.

And I think the above sums it up pretty well — I’ve been asked whether my head would explode from reading too much. The answer would of course be a no. I don’t store all the information that I come across; I don’t memorize them word for word so that I can regurgitate them on command. What happens is when I read a book, my mind gets to work. I compare notes between the things I read and the things I understand. I add and subtract, and new information floats to the surface. This is how I solve my problems — by applying my newfound discoveries to things that are bothering me. To outside people, I may be reading, but there’s a whole lot more going on in that noggin of mine!

When I see these two films, I can almost feel like I’m one of the neurons passing through Saul’s brain — there’s constant bursts of color, imagery and commentary that spurs my own mind into hyperdrive. I guess that’s what looking at other creative people’s work will do to you!

How do you define creativity?

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julian callos

Julian Callos (which by the way, I don’t think Pikaland has officially posted about his art so that needs to be fixed) just put on his Society6 a bunch of Spirit Animal sculptures he made for his friends for Christmas.

First of all, I love a good Spirit Animal reference. Secondly, his tribe of friends is pretty big so you have to check out the whole gang of lively, animated, and adorable sculptures here. Third, how awesome is it that a group that large likes Spirit Animals?

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