Nicola Rowlands

Nicola Rowlands

Holding Hands towel

Nicola Rowlands


Loving the playful sketchy style of Nicola Rowlands (who also illustrates under the name Nicola Claire). She’s an illustrator based in Manchester, UK who has a wicked sense of humor, and along with it, a love for working with fabric. She has tea towels, pillows and of course, prints and cards — all available in her Supermarket shop.

(She also came up with an illustration for an article in issue #25 of Blanket magazine!)


Check out the sexy line work from ZSO (aka Sara Blake), an NYU graduate and freelance illustrator from New York. At first glance, I though most of her pieces were drawings or watercolor paintings but some of them are also digital pieces. Her site has a few videos showing the evolution.

I also love her blog in which she showcases her work from various angles. I like when artists try to give the full effect of their artwork because things can seem intangible and a little flat on the Internet.