Etsy Team Cat Attack!

Some of my recent favorite cat art is coming from my new Etsy Team Cat Attack members! Strange I just realized they all have blue backgrounds! HUH!
In order of appearance:
Esme, caught by surprise by vivstrauss
Custom oil painting of your pet by katep and
Seasame by Hawaiicats.

See more great cat art from Etsy Team Cat Attack members here and if you make and sell cat inspired work on Etsy, consider joining our team, there’s always room for more cool cats!

~ Jamie

2 Replies to “Etsy Team Cat Attack!”

  1. bethany says:

    The second one looks just like our Chloé!! Love this!

  2. Netina says:

    Really like their work. The second one reminds me a lot of a cat I used to have years ago.

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