Renee Nault

Renee Nault

Renee Nault

Renee Nault

Renee Nault’s work is an interesting mix of Japanese inspired imagery (she credits ukiyo-e paintings for this; see bottom) and modern watercolor renderings that produces emotionally provoking imagery. Atmospheric in nature, Renee manages to infuse her subjects with movement and grace — as seen via her character renderings that seem to be inspired by manga.

I love how she has taken the traditional concept of ukiyo-e and translated it into something refreshing and contemporary.

From Wikipedia:
“Usually the word ukiyo is literally translated as “floating world” in English, referring to a conception of an evanescent world, impermanent, fleeting beauty and a realm of entertainments (kabuki, courtesans, geisha) divorced from the responsibilities of the mundane, everyday world; “pictures of the floating world”, i.e. ukiyo-e, are considered a genre unto themselves.”

She is a frequent illustrator for The Los Angeles Times, and you can purchase her prints over in her Etsy shop.

4 Replies to “Renee Nault”

  1. A local girl? Thanks for the intro.

  2. Oh..I love that first print! The mystery of what could be under a tree..or deep in the ocean…the possibilities! Thanks for the post

  3. These are amazing. I book marked her site so I can always go back to it to be inspired. Thanks for sharing!!!


  4. I know Renee a little bit and am lucky to have an original ATC in my collection. Her work is as lovely in person as you’d imagine. She trades at the (in my opinion, awesome) juried mail art trading site from time to time. Just spreading the good news… 🙂

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