A little book of cats

cat zine pages


Truth be told I was never very fond of cats. Sure, they’re furry and fuzzy sometimes but what strikes fear in me is their unpredictability. I could be petting them one minute and then the next their claws would be out and I’d have to fend my face away from their weapon-laden paws. Of course this might also suggest that I’m not doing the petting part quite right, but I digress.

A zine about cats however, is the bees knees. I’m content on looking at these feline creatures safely behind the pages zines and books, and this one by Oswald Flump looks super promising. Oswald is not a he, but a she, and her real name is Sally who lives by the sea in UK.

Her flickr stream never fails to amuse me as well, and it’s where you should be headed to right now.

2 Replies to “A little book of cats”

  1. Shayla says:

    Moooooooooooooooooostachheeeey kitty

  2. Netina says:

    I just checked her Flickr stream, love her work.

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