Camp Pikaland: Back to Basics with Jamie Shelman


Art by Calder

Jamie Shelman’s Back to Basics: Visual Communication class is the perfect antidote to brush up on your art basics! Perfect for those in need of fresh weekly exercises to get you inspired and creating new art this Winter, Back to Basics starts Monday Nov. 28th!

Join Jamie as you explore deceptively simple concepts such as shape, color, space and pattern to imbue our art with visual power and umph together! Weekly assignments are playful, quick studies in visual exploration. From ink to acrylic paint, pencil or gouache she’ll use artistic medium to loosen up your hand and get creating! You’ll also be given a look at numerous examples from past and present artists to inspire you as you go along, including Calder, whose work you see above. You may be familiar with his famous mobiles but did you know he also created these playful works on paper?

His ability to electrify both the positive and negative space in his piece with mark making and shape alone is exciting, fun, and fresh! One gets a sense of movement and vibrational frequencies which makes the piece active and alive. So take this opportunity to infuse your own work with life this Winter. Whether abstract or figurative, develop your artistic voice by building your own artistic vocabulary!

The class is open to anyone who wants to experience the pure joy of making art again, and you can sign up here!


Calder mobile

Stories of Bunnies

Because it’s the year of the rabbit I’ve been seeing bunny art everywhere and I have to say these portraits by Runaway Dreams are my absolute favorite!

Created by Julia and David of Mexico City, a self described “couple of designers/illustrators/crafters in love,” these stumpy little bunnies with their pint point eyes and fuzzy bodies (look how their hair looks electrically charged and stands on end!! eeee!) have me hopping with joy!

I love the apron of the The Little Chef and his hand held items which are as much weapons as cooking utensils, watch out for that stumpy bunny! Bet he makes a mean grilled carrot!

Or watch out for Marcel, The Mushroom Collector (who’s actually a felt bunny!) he’ll collect your heart too! Especially with his designer savvy wallpaper selections!

And The Perfect Pair You can’t take a carrot from a bunny! Also might be a weapon of choice, keep your eyes closed at night he might poke ‘em out while you’re sleeping!

Lots of love and safety glasses! This year of the rabbit’s going to be cute with an undertone of murderous intent (ok, maybe only if you’re a carrot!!)


Etsy Team Cat Attack!

Some of my recent favorite cat art is coming from my new Etsy Team Cat Attack members! Strange I just realized they all have blue backgrounds! HUH!
In order of appearance:
Esme, caught by surprise by vivstrauss
Custom oil painting of your pet by katep and
Seasame by Hawaiicats.

See more great cat art from Etsy Team Cat Attack members here and if you make and sell cat inspired work on Etsy, consider joining our team, there’s always room for more cool cats!

~ Jamie

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