Stories of Bunnies

Because it’s the year of the rabbit I’ve been seeing bunny art everywhere and I have to say these portraits by Runaway Dreams are my absolute favorite!

Created by Julia and David of Mexico City, a self described “couple of designers/illustrators/crafters in love,” these stumpy little bunnies with their pint point eyes and fuzzy bodies (look how their hair looks electrically charged and stands on end!! eeee!) have me hopping with joy!

I love the apron of the The Little Chef and his hand held items which are as much weapons as cooking utensils, watch out for that stumpy bunny! Bet he makes a mean grilled carrot!

Or watch out for Marcel, The Mushroom Collector (who’s actually a felt bunny!) he’ll collect your heart too! Especially with his designer savvy wallpaper selections!

And The Perfect Pair You can’t take a carrot from a bunny! Also might be a weapon of choice, keep your eyes closed at night he might poke ‘em out while you’re sleeping!

Lots of love and safety glasses! This year of the rabbit’s going to be cute with an undertone of murderous intent (ok, maybe only if you’re a carrot!!)


4 Replies to “Stories of Bunnies”

  1. Carola Koubek says:

    And their cats are so so so very cute, too!

  2. Runaway Dreams says:

    Thank you very much for having us here :D!!!

  3. Ana says:

    So cute! I have my own runawaydream bunny, and I love it 😛

  4. bethany says:

    Seriously adorable.

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