The Talented Chicken

Parisa Mahmoudi sent me an email to let me know about her new book entitled The Talented Chicken, which is now available for purchase (via email). The story is about a mother hen who is is prodding and pushing her young chick to fly, swim and sing… and seems to forget that her young one is only a chicken!

The book may be in Persian, but the storyline will definitely ring true anywhere in the world.

Jack Teagle

Awesome work by Jack Teagle who lives and works in South West England. I love how he makes his characters come alive! Did I mention the humor? Seriously, dead astronaut comics? HA!

From his website:
He enjoys collecting Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Spiderman, Ultraman, Ghostbusters, and Toxic Crusaders Figures. He also likes reading comics and watching classic horror films.

Aaahh. I can’t say I didn’t see that coming. 🙂


I’m away for a few days since Friday, 17th July (and yes, these posts were prepared in advance!) so forgive me if I seem to respond much slower to your emails. Here’s a couple of reads over the weekend that I think would make good food for thought:

  1. How to get noticed by the blogosphere. I love that it also mentions what happens when you get featured — there’s a trickle effect that will lead to more exposure! (read the article here by Liz and Kegan from DesignGlut)
  2. And here’s a great article about stretching your boundaries and how to improve your business by doing things differently by Yoola.

Have a great weekend everyone!