Andrea Heimer

Look at those colors pop! Andrea Heimer’s original paintings are themed around Pop Portraits and are a study of color and pattern, and slightly psychedelic in many respects. Best of all, they’re really affordable – the prices of these paintings start at USD$50.


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Messymsxi is an illustrator based in London, who is originally from Singapore. I am fascinated at how her works are about ideas and various social / environmental concerns, such as her collection of posters about sufferers of Anorexia Nervosa.

From her website:
The illustrations are demonstrations of extreme cases of very strict minimal diets devised to deny sustenance. The texts are adapted from found Anorexic journals in an attempt to help shed light on their plights, thoughts, anxieties and what actually creates the need for such harsh diet regimes.

If her works seem familiar, that’s because she was the one who illustrated the final issue of Amelia’s Magazine. I love illustrations that have a socially conscious ring to it, and prior to this, I have to say that I’ve seen only very little.