pikapackage: Kindling

Escapee Tee — a handmade t-shirt featuring a collage of silkscreened images

Nina O’Brien and James Mannion are the designers behind Kindling, an outlet for making innovative practical pieces with quirk and an eco-friendly flavour. At their shop you can find their illustrated t-shirts and beautiful eco-cards printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper.

Kindling's eco-cards

For the PikaPackage Project, Nina contributed 8 designs of their eco cards, all safely tucked within their own envelopes! You can see the rest of the cards here.

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pikapackage: benconservato

Man with a Thylacine — Gocco Printed with embroidery

Emma Kidd is an Australian artist, illustrator, printmaker, and photographer who currently resides in France. Her website/shop/blog is named Benconservato (go on to her about page to see why it’s named that way), and she sells her illustrations over here.

Her shop is currently having a Yart sale from the 11th to 20th of June, where you’ll be able to pick up lovelies such as this print entitled Man with a Thylacine.

Benconservato prints!

For the PikaPackage Project, she contributed two different types of prints — see more on our flickr stream!

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Pikapackage: Phatsheep

Suzanne Shearer designs textiles for her label named Phatsheep, which she also makes homewares with — such as these simple yet striking bags.

Phatsheep buttons & stickers

As one of our participants for the July PikaPackage Project, she contributed buttons and stickers with her illustrations!

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