pikapackage: andrea kobayashi

Camellia study – original oil painting

Andrea Kobayashi is an Australian artist living in Saitama, Japan, where she produces mixed media art for sale at her Etsy shop. She also stocks quality Japanese art and craft supplies from local makers in her support of their art.

Andrea Kobayashi mixed media pieces

For the July edition of PikaPackage, she contributed cards, mini art hangings and paintings on handmade paper.

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Meg hunt

Getting Lost and Found print at Blue Flip Art

Jungle Serenade print at Blue Flip Art

A while back, I discovered a website called Trade Secrets, a site for dispensing advice about being a illustrator from Arizona-based Meg Hunt. She stopped posting there for awhile, but I’m so glad that she picked it up again!

From there, I stumbled upon her Etsy shop called Pogonip (a word that refers to ice particles in the air, nicknamed the white death’), where she sells these awesome to-do lists, along with screenprints.

Loch Ness Express wallets at Tiny Meat

Rampage Surprise To-Do List at her Etsy shop

Her work is also at Blue Flip Art where you can find her prints (there’s a wider range over there). Best of all, with every print sold, a portion of the sale goes to Heal Africa, an organization that provides holistic care for the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

You can read her blog, see her portfolio, and go on to her Etsy shop or her Blue Flip Art page for more wonderful illustrated goodies.

Roadside Projects

Project 002/ Part 017, Balloon Travel — Sold out

I remember trying to make a 3D illustration box once — something like a shadow box that’s illustration based. Of course, my first foray into the medium ended up far from being perfect. In fact, it was quite the disaster. So when I saw Jayme McGowan’s fantastic three-dimensional box construction with intricate cut outs, my jaws dropped.

Project 002/ Part 007, Huge Hands — still available

The artist and illustrator working in Sacramento, California, is now working on her second series called Dreamscapes, where most of her work have already sold out, except for this.

You can read more on her blog, or keep a close watch via her Flickr stream.

Annie Swincinski

Moonlight Gingkos, a limited edition woodblock print

Annie Swincinski is a part time artist, part time waitress, working on becoming a full time artist in State College PA. I’m loving her woodblock prints that are all handmade and individually pulled, with a very soothing palette. Most of her work are limited editions, and originals so no one ever receives the same print — and is part of the beauty of woodblock printing.

Damselfly, an original woodblock print

You can browse her shop called Sweet Annie Jeanne, and read her blog (although it has been awhile since she has posted up new entries).