Giveaway #2: Benconservato postcards + Gocco set!

Are you ready for giveaway #2?

Emma Kidd of Benconservato draws these awesome monsters and lucky us, she’s going to give away a special pack that contains her Yellow Monsters Postcard set, a Feather Monster Postcard and a Gocco Monster Greeting Card to ONE lucky commenter!

Just comment below to be in the running — you’ll have until 11th August, and the winner will be emailed.

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UPDATE: Commenting has now closed, thanks for participating!


83 thoughts on “Giveaway #2: Benconservato postcards + Gocco set!

  1. Wish I could own those beautiful monsters to put them in my room …what wonderful dreams they’ll bring to me (_______)!
    Ho and I love the new “link back” pics!

  2. Over on our blog, we’ve long been fans of Emma Kidd / benconservato — she’s overflowing with talent. To own something original ourselves would be brilliant.

  3. Yayyyyy!!!
    How beautiful are these guys!!! I’ve been in love with benconservato ever since…So I just couldn’t help but entering this awesome giveaway!!!

    ♥ love love love!!! ♥


  4. ♫monSTers monSTErs monSTERs monSTERS everywhere! oh yummy yummy oh…how i would love to have a yellow monster with me on my desk…la la la!♫

  5. i love benconservato’s work… i bought a monkey on emma’s etsy site and i just love it! thanks for the opportunity to perhaps add to the collection.

  6. Oooo! I love these! My son’s bday is that day, so if I win I’ll share. I love writing letters and sending cards. Yey for the fun give away with stylish art monsters.


  7. These prints are gorgeous! My 3 and a half year old son is somewhat obsessed with monsters & dinosaurs at the moment and he’d love these in his room 🙂

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