The Pikaland Gift Guide for All Seasons part 4


We’re reaching the fourth part of our all season gift guide, and this time, it’s mainly about stories. Think comics, poems, zines and books – there’s one for each and everyone!



 You Are the Friction by Sing Statistics



From their website:

You Are The Friction is an anthology of collaborative short fiction and illustration. It’s a small, bright red record of what happens when you introduce twelve writers to twelve illustrators, light a match, and run in the opposite direction. Twelve short stories inspired by illustrations, twelve illustrations inspired by short stories, all collected in a handsome paperback edition published by Sing Statistics.

Get a copy (at a steal right now!) here.


Logic Storm by Theo Ellsworth




From Theo’s website:

Logic Storm is a stream of conscious notebook of detailed pen and ink drawings that I finished in July 2011. Making these drawings helped me clarify the themes and characters I was working with and directly led to the creation of my graphic novel “The Understanding Monster, Book One”.

Get your copy here.


Three Very Gruesome Love Stories by Faye Moorhouse



From one of my favourite artists, Faye Moorhouse, comes 3 illustrated books based on the true life stories of three murderers.

Get them over here.



In a Flat Land by Richard Swan



A beautifully detailed comic by Richard Swan – available to view online.

This 64-page black and white zine is available to purchase here.


Fancy II zine by Laura Callaghan



Lose yourself in the colourful world of Laura Callaghan through her zine – Fancy II is the second volume of her zine, available as a full-colour 20-page A4 zine.

Get yours here.


Elephant and Moon by Meera Lee Patel



Elephant and Moon is an original story written and illustrated for both children and adults by Meera Lee Patel. From the description:

The story accompanies Elephant as he searches for his sense of self and belonging in this sometimes-big and sometimes-scary world. Elephant faces mystery and longing, strange loneliness and small, sparkling moments of tranquility.

Get your copy here.


Something Smells Like Pee: and Other Classy Observations by Blythe E. Jewell



Need a little humour this holiday season (or any other season, really)? Pick up Blythe’s book that has 60+ poems that’s rooted in reality, plus sketches to boot.

Get yours here.


Nothing is Forgotten: A collection of short stories by Ryan Andrews




I love Ryan Andrew’s work, and if you haven’t seen his comics yet, check out his website. He has an anthology of his 4 short stories all packed into one 136-page volume.

Get yours here.


Single Black Glove by Kate Hazell



Single Black Glove is a tale of triumph over misfortune for the gloves you see lost and abandoned in the street, written and illustrated by Kate Hazell. Includes a poem by Ed Hawkesworth.

A5, 12 pages, available here.


Misfits of Love by Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm



From Katherine’s website:

An illustrated journey of one woman as she grapples with the death of her father. At her side were the Misfits she had adopted into her small farm’s barnyard–a grumpy pig, and old donkey, handicapped goats and one very special elderly goat named Old Man Guinnias.

As she cared or hospiced these creatures, she was able to have her own internal conversations with each–helping her understand their journey better, but also that of her father, and herself.

A beautiful, quiet book for anyone who has lost a loved one or parent, or who appreciates the healing power of nature and animals.

This 12-page book is available here.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the selection so far – I’ll see you next week for more! 


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  1. Aijung Kim says:

    Another great post! I’m already familiar with Theo Ellsworth’s awesome work, but you introduced me to some new artists that sound really interesting. I read one of Ryan Andrews stories and it was wonderful, and I’m intrigued by Katherine Dunn’s barnyard story. Thanks for sharing!

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