Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day, and it’s an extra special day because it coincides with Chap Goh Meh – the 15th day of the Chinese New Year, which is also the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day. Have a lovely day folks, and I’ll catch you next week!

Via minifanfan:

Send love and hugs and wish a very Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Selamat Hari Valentine!
¡Feliz Día de San Valentín!
Alles Gute zum Valentins Tag!
Joyeuse Saint Valentin!
해피 발렌타인 데이!
Gelukkige Valentijnsdag!
С Днём Святого Валентина!
Hyvää Ystävänpäivää!
Feliz Dia Dos Namorados!
Sevgililer Günü Kutlu Olsun!

Love is the most wonderful of all feelings in this world 🙂

ps: Please correct me if I translated the languages wrongly.

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Via Tumblr.

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  1. Sira Venera says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Amy!

    Oh wow, so many translations and I just posted this picture 🙂 It’s in Khasi, a language spoken in Meghalaya, India. – http://theletterp.tumblr.com/post/76617820464/happy-valentines-day-say-i-love-you-in-a-new

    Love really ‘is the most wonderful of all feelings in this world’

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