I come bearing GIFs

I love GIFs. They’re one step up from static images and one step behind videos – and yet with all their clunkiness (and if you’re like me on an older Mac, they might freeze up your browser tabs if you load them all up at one go) they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Illustrators take note – while you may be thinking your stills are amazing, how about giving your motionless drawings (that might be staring at you a little sadly) a bit of pizzazz by making them move? Not convinced? Then perhaps hopping over to Bearing GIFs – a collaborative project helmed by illustrator Charlene Man will change your mind. She’s enlisted a group of illustrators to come up with one GIF leading up to Christmas; and you my dear readers, are in for a treat because the collection is nearly complete!

Devour them one at a time in all their glory or load them all at one go, the choice is up to you. I liken it to a choreographed firework of animation and colors on screen that begs a second look at each frame.

[GIF by Katie Johnston & Lauren Doughty]

Have a wonderful Christmas folks, and here’s to lots more adventures as we ring in 2014!

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