Janna Morton "Baltimore Brooches"
Andrew Liang Tortas Al Pastor
Andrew Liang "Cheesefish"
Jun Cen "Mutual Tunnel 1"
Julianna Brion "Hodgepodge 1"

Sara of Brwn Paper Bag has been curating a new online gallery called eyra that not only features illustrators and artists, but also each theme strives to add to a greater cultural dialogue. Each show is also accompanied by a document called an eyrapport which includes a curatorial statement, catalog of images, as well as guest writers from fields that are outside of illustration.

About her latest show:

Don’t Call Me Honney is a show that features illustrators living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. Each illustrator picked different aspects of Baltimore to represent and be inspired by, ranging from food, landscape, landmarks around the city,and public transportation. Don’t Call Me Honney also considers how people become inspired by where they live, and how where we live informs our image-making in the smallest of ways.

Illustrators in the show are:  Andrew Liang, Christopher Adams, Cornel Rubino, Julianna Brion, Janna Morton, and Jun Cen.

The opening reception is this Friday, April 5 at the MICA Studio Center from 5- 7PM. The Studio Center is located at 131 W. North Avenue, USA. 

[Hover on the images to see the artists’ name]

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