Re Jin Lee: Miniseries

Miniseries - Re Jin Lee

Miniseries - Re Jin Lee

I’ve been a long time fan of Re Jin Lee of Bailey Doesn’t Bark, who creates these amazing ceramic pieces – some of which have illustrations on them. I saw her story on Erin’s blog about hitting a wall after the birth of her son and how she was afraid to get into the studio. But bit by bit she dipped her toes back into creating, and as a result, her first miniseries collection was born.

I think what she did was really inspiring – instead of looking at the process as a huge insurmountable barrier that prevented her creativity to shine through, she took baby steps and created a series of mini items – which altogether really creates a unified collection.

Definitely something to think about when you’ve hit a stumbling block!

See here to purchase the collection (there’s only a few pieces left!) and here to read a great article up at Erin’s blog.

Have a good weekend folks!

2 Replies to “Re Jin Lee: Miniseries”

  1. Adamandia K. says:

    Thank you for posting about Re Jin Lee’s work. I love her pattern making style. Dots. ♥

  2. Holly Roach says:

    These are oh so very beautiful. Thanks for introducing me to Re Jin Lee’s wonderful talents.

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