10 articles in 2012

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There were a couple of things that I wanted to cover before 2012 ended, but didn’t manage to, so I thought it was still relevant to post it now: a list of longer articles that I wrote last year. I have more saved up as blog posts in my drafts folder (which I hope to complete this year) so you will be seeing more of them, as I enjoyed writing them immensely!

  1. Selling your art and thinking big
  2. Why you should have your own website
  3. Improving your workflow
  4. Do what you love
  5. Things I’m afraid to tell you
  6. Recap: Design as a life process
  7. How to create artworks that resonate
  8. Why I’m not a professional illustrator
  9. Dear students: Get your hands dirty
  10. Dear students: Create your own opportunities

Grab a chair and read them during the weekend – and let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend folks!

{Image: Custom quote print by Happy Town USA}
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4 thoughts on “10 articles in 2012

  1. That’s a pretty great resolution! I think that will be mine!
    Great blog by the way! Love it, have followed for years and it just gets better! I love your background tiles, that would be so awesome in real life on a wall!
    Keep it up!

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