Doodlers Anonymous’ coloring book!

If you’re itching to fill a doodle book in with color (because you’ve already filled up all of your own, of course) – look no further than Doodlers Anonymous’ latest coloring book! It features 60 artists we all love, like Chris Piascik and Meera Lee Patel to Jim Bradshaw and Diela Maharanie, among many others. Get out your color pencils and grab a friend while you’re at it!

Available here:

2 Replies to “Doodlers Anonymous’ coloring book!”

  1. elinavg says:

    Argh, too bad I saw this post just now. It could be a cool Christmas present for my niece! Great idea putting all those grate doodles in a coloring book. So different from all the rest coloring books. It can be such an inspiration to children (and adults!) + it is so nice with some diversity!
    Great found!

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