Desktop wallpaper series: Heather Diane

Heather Diane wallpaper 2012

This month’s desktop wallpaper comes from Heather Diane of Illustrated Bites (we featured her not too long ago!) who is a whiz at hand-lettering, illustrations and of course, someone who loves her food! You can follow her on Twitter as well. This month, she’s sharing an illustration of edible mushrooms for you to put up – you know, just in case you’re off in the woods and need to verify if that ‘shroom that you’ve picked up will kill ya. Compare carefully, friends!

Other sizes:

iPad: 1024 × 1024


I know that we’ve sort of skipped July for the desktop wallpaper project (ooops!) but I’d like to think that it’s summer and all can be forgiven (even though it’s sunny all year round for me and it was a particularly challenging month… I’m digressing!)

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2 Replies to “Desktop wallpaper series: Heather Diane”

  1. Alexandra says:

    I follow Heather Diane’s blog Illustrated Bites which is where i was introduced to your site…I have yet to browse through it but am loving what i have seen so far…I’m signing on to your mailing list, Thank you, Alexandra

  2. chaQula says:

    We so love her blog. Great illustrations and very useful content.

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