Pikaland desktop wallpaper/calendar series: Feb 2012 / Mogu Takahashi

Mogu Takahashi February 2012 desktop calendar

If your virtual desktop has been showing the same cat/dog/cutesy image since 2004, then you’re in luck. Get ready to perk up them up each month with Pikaland’s fun and free monthly desktop calendars (with an accompanying iPhone background image as well!)

Kicking off February 2012 is Tokyo-based artist Mogu Takahashi.

Download her calendar for your desktop, load up her background image for your phone below, and voila – instant pizazz for 2012!

for desktop

for iphone

6 Replies to “Pikaland desktop wallpaper/calendar series: Feb 2012 / Mogu Takahashi”

  1. so awesome. February is going to be the best month ever in desktop land.

  2. kim welling says:

    This is really nice, thanks! And also, great start of the new year with all those lovely blogposts and illustrators’ work, good work Amy! 😉

  3. Katja says:

    this promises to be a happy year on my desktop – thanks in advance !!!

  4. Great idea. It’s so nice to see how you keep adding features, apply new ideas and such to Pikaland. Inspirational!

  5. Amazing! Maybe I can make one for another month? Let me know if you´re interested 🙂

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