Yeti by nomilktoday

Swan by nomilktoday

Polar bear by nomilktoday

Wave by nomilktoday

So I splurged a little and bought myself a wee abominable snowman.

And when my yeti arrived in the mail from Eva of Nomilktoday, the little fella has been sitting on my shirt quietly for the past few days. No fuss, no muss, and no temper tantrums from this yeti, no siree. (Maybe because he’s a brooch, but still…)

And let me tell you about Eva — she lives in Athens-Greece, and is currently studying Agricultural biotechnology. She’s also the maker of these fantastic polymer clay vitreau jewelry, which I find really fun. They’re mainly geometric shapes pieced together, but the forms that they take on, oh my! It’s pure illustration in 3D!


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