Who will benefit from the Portfolio Review?

Artist, illustrators and crafters who sell their work and have a ready portfolio/shop/blog online. As it’s fully personalized, let me know who you’re trying to impress: Bloggers? Publishers? Art Directors? Or just anyone who sees your work? We’re not limited to just professional artists who want to work with big clients. Big or small, having a good portfolio is very important.

Artists from all disciplines are doing everything for themselves. But in that dizzying haze of getting things done, are you sure that what you’re doing is right for your business and art? When you’re trying to show everything you have, you’ll probably end up with a very loose and weak portfolio.

Artists and illustrators aren’t just waiting for the key decision makers to ring anymore. They’re taking the bull by the horns and they’re promoting themselves to a global audience – and they’re making decent money from those who appreciate their work. No longer are they shackled to a desk 24/7 doing commercial illustration for big publishers or corporate clients. They’re exploring new avenues ONLINE on ways to promote themselves, and their art.

And this is the focus of the portfolio review – modern day advice for contemporary artists.

Why you? What makes you so special?

I have 10 years of creative experience under my belt. I’ve been a magazine editor for 5 years, hand picking people and things from all over the world in the realm of architecture and design. I’ve worked with countless writers, artists, and photographers on producing content. In the PR industry, I was a creative director, copywriter and project manager. Couple that with almost 5 years in the blogging arena in art and illustration, I was born to curate.

If you need proof about my curatorial sense, have a look at the Pikaland blog. You’ll be quick to notice that not everyone gets picked to be featured. I’d rather skip a day of posting if I didn’t think an artist is there yet. Yes, it’s tough to be picked to be featured on my blog. I don’t feature friends, just because they’re friends. If you’re featured, I think you’re good. That’s it.

Throughout the years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve been exposed to many different artists with various styles and portfolios. Some drew me in instantly, while others made me click away from their website in an instant. The trick is to know what kind of reaction you illicit, and better yet — improve if you see more of the latter happening.

But what about styles? What if you don’t like my particular style?

Au contraire – I’ve never seen a style that I didn’t like. I’m very open to different styles, and while I do seem to gravitate to a certain style, it doesn’t mean that I can’t see a style for what it is, or its potential in other arenas or aspects. I’m style-blind in that way.

Most importantly, I look beyond the style to find out what message you’re sending to your viewers. That message – that vibe – that you’re sending out to viewers, both intended and unintended plays a pivotal role, especially for illustrators; whose portfolio is judged based on that – the ability to deliver a message properly.

What will I get in the end?

After you sign up for a Portfolio Review, you’ll be directed to a form to fill in – in it we’ll be asking some questions about yourself and your work, among other things. Give me about a week to go through all your details and after, you’ll get a report of your current brand/portfolio, which will also include recommendations on how to improve your portfolio/brand and a half hour chat session via Skype. After a week, I’ll follow up with you for another half hour chat to check on your progress and to see if you need more guidance. If you’re not available for Skype voice chats, we can still do it via online text chat (whichever you prefer.)
The whole process takes about 2 – 3 weeks.

And what else?

Ah, you want the juicy details! For those who’ve worked with me before, they’ll know that I’m full of ideas and suggestions. And this Portfolio Review will allow participants to dig into my deep well and tap into years of insight and experience. That alone is worth more than the cost of the review!

Will I be guaranteed a feature on your blog after I’m done? 😉

Nope, no such luck I’m afraid. If I think you still need some work, you’ll need to keep at it. No free passes here, and no, the fee does not include a bribe!

Okay then, will I be featured on other blogs / newspapers / media or get an award when I’m done with the portfolio review?

It all depends on how you use the advice given out to you! There’s no magic button you can press — and make no mistake, you’ll need lots of hard work and perseverance. At least with the Portfolio Review, you’ll cut down on some time in getting there!

And what if I want a follow up to the Portfolio Review?

If after the portfolio review, you still need more guidance, you can opt for a follow up via Skype for additional sessions – ask me questions, get feedback or just for a pep talk, and I’ll be able to spend more time with you, yay!

Fantastic — how do I begin?

Well, you can sign up for a Portfolio Review package right here.

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