The March 2009 PikaPackage giveaway!

Hi everyone!

We hope you’re having a lovely start to a wonderful Thursday.

And what if you’re not having a nice start to the day? Well, how about coming over to and see our first PikaPackage Giveaway for 2009 that’s happening RIGHT NOW?

Our list of artists for this round includes Rosemary Travale, Lertsis, Denise Ann Holmes, Sara Christian, Susan Schwake and many more.

Show your support and also discover new artists along the way, and while you’re doing just that, you can also place yourself to be in the running for an 8-item package for keeps! It’s like the raffles, only it’s free and with much more eye-candy!

So, care to make your day look a little brighter?
You now know where to look. 😉


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