June round

Hi again!

Just a heads up to let you know the next round is up in June, so let me know if you’re interested in making small-sized limited edition items for the next round!

There’s only space for 30 peeps, and shortlisting will be done next month. Reply to me with the subject JUNE YAY! to indicate your interest. I’m also doing my shortlisting from the list I have, but with such a big list I’m bound to miss out on a few artists, so a nudge would be nice!

It’s going to be a three-month-once affair from now on, so the upcoming packages will be:
1. June 2009 {small limited edition items}
2. September 2009
3. December 2009

I haven’t determined if there will be a theme for September and December yet, but let me know which round you’d like to come in for, and I’ll keep you updated when the shortlisting for each round is done!


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