March PikaPackage Giveaway!

And we’re back! We had a little hiatus the beginning of the year, but we’re happy to announce 2009’s first round of giveaways for the PikaPackage Project!

The total participants for this round is 29, and as like the previous round, we’re going to pick TWO winners, and each one will get a 8-item package each containing at least one item from your favourite artists that you’ve commented about.

And for making this possible, I’d like to thank our participants for coming along for this round:

  1. Rosemary Travale sent in Gocco printed words of wisdom;
  2. Kate of PaperKate sent in pretty rub-ons and notecards;
  3. Helen of Memo sent in a screenprinted bag, notebooks, cards and brooches;
  4. Lertsis sent in a bevy of personalized postcard packs with her illustrations
  5. Pam of Zoetropa sent in her beautiful block-printed cards, stickers and moleskine notebooks;
  6. Luciana Carossia sent in her beautifully handmade bookmarks made from her illustrations;
  7. Suzanne of Silver Tree Art sent in an assortment of lino-printed goodies;
  8. Leslie of SparklePaw sent in her adorable cards and buttons;
  9. Holly of Good Bloom sent in more of her vibrant, happy prints and cards;
  10. Handmade Julz sent in her delicate prints, magnets and colorful coasters;
  11. Stephanie Fizer sent in her line of adorable characters on stickers, cards and prints;
  12. Victoria Usova does it again! This time she sent in special bookmark + button sets, mirrors and coasters;
  13. Rachael of Number Eight sent in postcard packs of her illustrations;
  14. Mika sent in miniature original artwork, brooches and earrings and a big stuffed creature!
  15. Sara of Sim Sima sent in her beautiful handmade screenprinted brooches;
  16. Candice of Cordial Kitten sent in these lovely limited edition springtime prints;
  17. Denise Ann Holmes shipped these beautiful limited edition prints, just in time for spring;
  18. Belinda of Gretchenmist sent in lovely original artwork and prints;
  19. Susan Schwake of the beautiful Art Stream gallery sent over these lovely limited edition prints;
  20. Sally Faulkner of Sally Illustration, the lady behind our cover this issue of the zine sent in load of items — prints, buttons and a zine too!
  21. Yali Paz sent these beautiful full-sized prints and ACEOs all the way from Israel;
  22. Melody Seal sent in these marvellous prints as well as beautiful hand-bound notebooks;
  23. Anna Wadham sent in a bevy of goodies! There’s prints, notecard sets, buttons and also mirrors!
  24. Kate Endle made more of her popular mini-prints for this round;
  25. Myrte of Mirthquake sent in these lovely bird prints, mini-prints and buttons;
  26. Christine Berrie sent in an original drawing, prints and posters of her work;
  27. Valerie Pensworth sent in delicate full-sized prints and portraits;
  28. Mitch & Lauren of 3CD Kidstuff sent in prints that would look great on your kids’ walls; and
  29. Jess Racklyeft of Jesses Mess sent in quirky prints of her work!

So here’s what you need to do to win each one of these packages:

  1. visit the shops/websites of our participants, and
  2. write down here in the comments which product is your favourite from the artist’s shop (include the links if you’d like).

Here’s are some ground rules:

  1. You can make one long list containing a few selections, but please DO NOT comment more than once. If you do, you’ll immediately be disqualified!
  2. Some of the artists don’t have shops yet, but that’s alright too, just let us know you liked what they sent in!
  3. The closing date for this is on Sunday 15th March, 8 p.m. PST/PDT. I’ll pick two random winners from the comments section, so be sure to leave your email addy!

To read more about our participants, remember to read up our March issue of the PikaPackage zine too! The cover art for this issue was done by the lovely Sally Faulkner of Sally Illustration! And if you’d prefer to view it online, head on over to see it on the Issuu page.

If you’d like to purchase a PikaPackage for yourself (and to support Pikaland!), hop on to our SHOP! This time, we’ll be donating to KIVA, an organization that provides micro loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.

And if you like what you see, you can always sign up for our mailing list to get updates about special happenings here on Pikaland!

{UPDATE: Thank you for your responses everyone! The comment is now closed an winners will be up on the blog in a bit.}


149 thoughts on “March PikaPackage Giveaway!

  1. Wow, this PikaPackage looks great indeed!

    My faves:

    * The Lovely Girl – Set of Four Gocco Printed Note Cards by PaperKate

    * cube chap by Hello Memo

    * Maya – Paper clay doll by Yali Paz (a fellow Israeli!)

  2. I really love Christine Berrie’s illustrations. The colors are give a vintage feel and I like the multiple drawings of the cars and cameras. She is now on my list of favorite illustrators!

  3. This was difficult but…………..
    I adored the colours in Gretchenmists work
    ‘We sleep under the stars’ (every colour)
    and her very ethereal beautiful ‘Pale Ocean’……….then
    Myrte at Mirthquake, set my heart a beating with ‘Jay on Holiday’ and oh my goodness the most beautiful ‘Winter Wren’
    I really enjoyed that xxxxx
    Hugs Lynn xx

  4. some of my faves…
    rosemary t – i love all her work, lucky to have a print on my wall now! my fave is blackbeard.
    paperkate – gotta be gocco love!
    lertsis – we are twins notebook
    sparklepaw – octopus and tiger items
    stephanie f -narwhal print yay!
    mika- her art brooch collages are lovely
    yalipaz – beautiful moon cat ACEO
    mirthquake – i love bird items, so all of hers are wonderful
    jesses mess- love the costume print
    kate endle – coolest owls ever!
    i love it all and would be so honoured to win a pika package!

  5. Christine Berry!
    Any of her camera prints (9 cameras/Polaroid my faves). I fell in love with her work in “Hand to Eye.” I think that book single handedly influenced my decision to pursue my MFA.

  6. I liked
    stephanie fizer
    and christine berrie

    very beautiful illustrations. i’d love to have the pikapackage….(0:

  7. So hard to decide! Love it all! But, if I have to make a few choices…
    Zoetropa – The notebook with little maryjanes on it. Perfect for list making on the go.
    Rosemary Travale – “Stop being sad and start being RAD” It’s my new motto. I’d totally frame that card and hang it above my toilet. It would be hilarious! 🙂
    Hello Memo – Skull Tote! To keep all my library books in.
    Valerie Pensworth – EVERYTHING. Beautiful!
    Mirthquake – Everything birdy. I’d hang it low for my cat. Cats need art too.
    Gretchenmist – The print with the red circle and green. Makes me feel relaxed.
    Denise Ann Holmes – LOVE her work.

  8. —PaperKate: Super Cute Rub On Transfer Decals

    —Cordial Kitten: Love these prints: Ernst the Gardener and An Uncomfortable Situation

    —Mirthquake: Ornithology plate series- The King Fisher

    —Christine Berrie: I love EVERYTHING in her shop. Amazing! Especially any of the camera series and the buildings.

  9. Hello
    So much talent! I really enjoyed the Elephant card from Sparkle Paw’s shop. The faces are so cute 🙂 Kate Endle makes such colorful collages. The owl in Happy All The Time is so sweet.
    Sim Sima’s Big Hair Illustration’s are very unique! Love the pins.

  10. As always, this Pika Package looks sooo amazing! I love these wonderful things:


    NumberEight’s nifty giclees!

    GretchenMist’s block prints:

    Luciana’s paintings, wow!

    Mirthquake’s birds!

    And Valerie Penworth’s portraits. ZOW

    all so much fun….

  11. wow! awesome selection! i have fallen in love with the work of luciana rose. and i was really surprised by her generosity-you can download artwork off her site!!!

    that’s amazing to me, especially because we are all concerned with watermarks and copyrights.

  12. Waa!
    Such lovely items and stores this time round, I am just favouriting to my hearts delight (if they are on Etsy)… bookmarking other.

    So these are my favourites:
    Simsima (having trouble choosing)

    This one from gretchenmist:

    And lastly Christine Berry because I am an analog camera nut:

  13. SO many talented artists here!!

    I’ve always LOVED Stephanie Fizer’s alphabet series. O is for Owl and T is for Turtle are my favorites!

    Silver Tree Art is new to me, but I love her bird bobby pin!

    SparklePaw has these recipe cards that I REALLY want because I’m planning some upgrades to my kitchen and these recipe cards would go great with the theme I’m doing! Plus, I’m way into cooking lately.

    And gretchenmist! Love!

    And Cordial Kitten’s “Leaf Head” is adorable!!

    So many new favorite out of these artists!! Luciana is amazing!

  14. I love love love paperkate’s Super Cute Rub On Transfer Decals!!!
    and SparklePaw’s – Multiple Card Sets Deer Card 4-pack

  15. Wow, so many talented artists here!! Here are some of my fav items:

    Paper Kate’s notecards –

    Sparkle Paw’s deer cards –

    Vusova’s Art Pendant –

    Stephanie Fizer’s mini alphabet cards –

    Number Eight’s Queen of the Fairies print –

    Cheers, Bec X

  16. There’s no use me trying to deny it; I am in love with Rosemary Travale’s ‘Start Being Rad’ gocco print, and Denise Ann Holmes’ ‘Think Spring’ screenprint. 🙂

  17. Everything is very nice but I really like Christine Berrie’s work, she’s my favourite. I first saw her work through the site just this past week and I find her very impressive.

  18. This was a difficult choice, but looking through all of the shops is the best part! In no particular order, these are the selections that stood out to me:

    Photobooth print photos from Valerie Pensworth:

    SimSima’s rad brooches – they are so unique!

    Kate Endle’s Day in the Sun – it’s super cute

    A lovely cloud card from SparklePaw

    There were many others that I enjoyed – I love browsing Pikashops!

  19. fantastic!, i have to up my craft by a lot now. i also have a lot of new etsy stores to add to my favorites.

    -sim sima’s brooches are amazing and quirky
    -paper kate’s rub-ons are awesome and adorable
    -zeotropa’s journals are really nice and simple. way to spice up a moleskin
    -and lertis’s stuff is really layered and delightful.

    crud, so many nice looking things

  20. This PikaPackage has so much whimsy! It is truly difficult to pick a favorite. If I had to absolutely pick one I would go with Rosemary Travale. The moustache conquers all!

  21. Ok. First, I 110% agree with all of the comments about the talent included in this pikapackage. EVERY single one is amazing and so beautiful — so hard to decide on a favorite.

    But, I choose Lertsis as my fav. I can remember when she set up shop and I was one of her first fans! To this day her art amazes me.

    The “Big Hug” Postcard is perfect… Isn’t that what we all need right now?

  22. i love ALL OF IT!
    but these artists really spoke to me:

    hello memo
    christine berrie

    i love this website, thanks for making it possible! i always get so excited when i get an email; it means inspiration is on the way.

  23. I love your packages!! They remind me of ones I used to buy when I was little…. I must confess though that this one…. is amazing!!! All those birds… all those fantastic illustrations!! Just in time…. for my birthday next week!!!
    It was a difficult choice but I must confess I just went ga-ga…..Super Cute Rub On’s??? WOW (paper kate, I’m in love)
    Also… oh my… christine berrie not only has all those vintage cameras but also… vintage micro cars! love her work.
    (remember, it’s my Bday!!)

  24. All of these artists are wonderful! It’s hard to single out just one, but here are my 3 favs:
    1. Anna Wadham. Her cats are divine. I’m nuts for this print:
    2. Kate Endle’s collages. They’re simple but sophisticated and this one tickles me:
    3. Gretchenmist’s absract pieces. The colors are fantastic!

  25. hi there!
    i took a long look at all the shops and here are my favorite items!

    Zoetropa’s Orange Leaves Notes
    <a href=“”></a&#62;

    Zoetropa’s Little Shoes Stickers
    <a href=“”></a&#62;

    Zoetropa’s Talk Bubbles Journal
    <a href=“”></a&#62;

    Zoetropa’s Cupcake Journal
    <a href=“”></a&#62;

    Candice’s Content Cloud
    <a href=“”></a&#62;

    Candice’s Grey Moustache Pin
    <a href=“”></a&#62;

    Stephanie Fizer’s Pinstripe Bunny Print
    <a href=“”></a&#62;

    Kate Endle’s Blue Bird on a Branch
    <a href=“”></a&#62;

    Christine Berrie’s BLUE VINTAGE MINI COOPER – Limited Edition Print
    <a href=“”></a&#62;

    Christine Berrie’s 9 CAMERAS – Limited Edition Print – 11 × 16’‘
    <a href=“”></a&#62;

  26. Amy, everything looks so great. I especially love Number Eight and Victoria Usova.

    Great job putting the package tog ether. Sorry I cannot buy one this month, as all my medications have just gone up. This economy, I tell you.

    Have a great day Amy.

    Love Renee

  27. These are my personal fave!

    Paperkate’s transfer

    3cdkidstuff’s letter g (my baby’s name is Giselle!)

    Mirthquake’s set of 3 ornithology plate illustrations

    everything by zoetropa, but if I have to pick It’ll be this journal

    hellomemo’s bird cushion

    vusova’s escape print

    numbereight’s bubbles print

    mikacreation’s art brooch

    annawadham’s neutral flowers

    Melodyseal’s artist’s book (of course! been spying on this one!)

    I love Denisesimon’s only item on her shop! She should post ore products!

    gretchenmist’s wethinkoutloud print

    artesprit’s kate sketch

    sallyillustration english grub zine, yum!

    yalipaz’s white rabbit box

    kateendle’s busybee

    Jessesmess’ Decolassie print

    handmadejulz’s MUSHROOMS Earrings and Large Necklace

    Phew… what can I say? I love them all!

    Thank you sellers and thank you Amy for the chance!!

  28. Oh my goodness what a fantastic giveaway! It took me the entire day to select from all the talent. A favorite is hard to pick in this delightful bunch.

    Memo – guinea pig brooch
    PaperKate – Rub ons & White Penguins
    Lertsis – Fruit couples postcard & apple and elastic human postcard
    CordialKitten – Frank the Owl Art Doll & A Passing Fad
    SallyIllustration – Dont be a dippy,lick a whippy.
    MelodySeal – hand drawn cards

  29. Ooh I really love Stephanie Fizer’s ‘Owls of the Seasons’ print set, in fact I think I may have fallen in love with all the items in her store – what a great style she has!

  30. Oh! Goodbloom prints please … and a Simsima brooch (which I’ve been coveting since I spotted them on your flickr account…) and OH MY GOD you’ve got Christine Berrie’s work! I’ve been a HUGE fan for years!
    What a great birthday present that would be!!!

  31. Thank you to all of the artists!!! What a wonderful collection.

    My affinity – Mirthquake – seagull, sparrow and wren
    Yali Paz – all of your prints and dolls
    Cordial Kitten – he was afraid…, ernst and leaf head

  32. Wow! My excitable demeanor just flew off the charts! Gah! So cute!.. Need Everything!

    My list!: – Rosemary Travale: Elephano The Magician

    -Hello Memo: Bird Cushion

    -PaperKate: White Penguins Gocco Printed Note Cards

    -Sim Sima: Big Hair Silkscreened Pin

    -SparklePaw: Sea Life Recipe Card Set

    – GoodBloom: THE RIVERPRINT

    -Handmade Julz: Fabric Bicycle Brooch / Award Badge

    -CB78: 9 CAMERAS (among everything else!)

    -Mirthquake: Ornithology Plate Series – the Winter Wren

    -Yali Paz:Captain Logan Swiftknife art doll!

    -Gretchenmist: White Trees

    -Kate Endle: Birdy Blue

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  33. Oh man, there’s so many great things in there! However I really enjoyed:

    Paper Kate: rub ons
    Hello Memo: skull tote
    Sim Sima: screenprinted brooches
    Susan Schwake: prints

  34. Wow! What a great selection!
    My faves are all of Mirthquakes fantastic bird postcards, especially ‘Sparrow’ and ‘Great tit’,
    Rosemary Travale’s Gocco prints ‘Stop being sad start being Rad!’
    Lertis’ fantastic postcards, I love ‘hand embroidered sexy angel’ and ‘fruit couple’,
    Paperkate-‘lovely girl’ gocco print cards

    But everyone’s work is really lovely! I’m very impressed by all these amazing talented people! 🙂

  35. I couldn’t pick a camera so i picked 6 CAMERAS – Limited Edition Print from CB78 but i would be happy with any one of them.

    Melody Seal’s book Life on Earth looks like it is up my alley.

    Mika Creation’s Razorrr – Adoptable creature – stuffed plush, stuffed adoptable adorability!

    Sally Illustrations really won me over, i loved her zine, badges and stickers.

    Zoe Tropa’s Take-Out Notes (red/yellow/blue)

    Hello Memo’s bird cushions are hot-damn

    Adventures with Captain Logan Swiftknife art doll from Yalipaz!

    Sparkle paw Owl Pocket Mirror

  36. This is hard to pick a favorite, so I will list a few that really resonate with me …
    Christine Berry
    3cd kidstuff
    Susan Schwake

  37. This is SO difficult to choose, because everything is so marvelous! I’m so glad Pika Package is going strong. I would have to say that Good Bloom’s whimsical prints take my breath away 🙂

  38. What a great Pika package! I loved looking at all the fabulous designs, whimsical drawings – so much talent out there. I guess I was most drawn to Silver Tree Art because of the bold colors she uses in her designs. So that’s my pick! Thanks.

  39. I have always loved Stefanie Fizer’s work – all her prints with owls on them are adorable and “The Best Kind of Day” is so cute!
    Christine Berrie’s work is awesome as well – I love Gumball Machine and Birdcage.
    Handmade Julz has lovely necklaces and I love yalipaz’s Alice in Wonderland prints =).

  40. wow! such a great group of fantastic artists! we are re-doing our little girl’s room, and I would love to win this to add some creativity to her walls. Not to mention she’d be a lucky little girl to grow up looking at these!
    our favs:
    STEPHANIE FIZER– i’ve been drooling over her stuff! we love “The Poppies Print” and “The littlest circus”
    ROSEMARY TRAVALE– “stop being sad, start being rad” print is awesome! we use “rad” alot in our house
    SPARKLEPAW– the elephant, tiger and whale cards are all adorable!
    GOODBLOOM– “ruffle flower“print or “no 4.” print are both beautiful
    CHRISTINE BERRIE– love all of her vintage camera prints! ALL of them!
    we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

  41. Too hard to choose!!! Christine Berrie blows me away—I love every single thing in her shop; this little Satellite camera looks like a person:; Stephanie Fizer’s stuff is cute, esp. this “Books and Tea” print:; Denise Simon’s “Think Spring” print is darling; I adore Silver Tree Art’s Garden Block print; “Floral Abundance” print on Good Bloom’s site is so sweet; on Susan Schwake’s site, the original work “Resting” with the blackbird is lovely…; love the original A6 greeting card by Melanie Seal; love Anna Wadham’s rabbit print and owls on a wire print; I adore every single thing in Mirthquake’s shop; love ‘Bear Log” by Valerie Pensworth. Sorry for the long list, but really, it’s too hard to choose. Thank you for such a FANTASTIC giveaway! Fingers crossed…

  42. …well, this is a difficult task indeed, but I try to pick out my favourites:

    Jali Paz : Love bee Jewelry Box

    PaperKate: Gocco Love Set of Four Note Cards

    Mirthquake: the Winter Wren

    Kate Endle: Love Bird

    Now I’ll keep my fingers crossed, hoping that Fortune should smile on me…and thanks so much for this generous chance! :o)

  43. Very lovely collection! I had so much fun looking at all these artists and their wonderful work. Some of my faves:

    Rosemary Travale-Stop being said,start being rad
    Paperkate-“Rub on decals”
    Hello Memo-Bird cushion
    Lertsis-Love delivery doll
    zoetropa-tea for two notes
    silver tree art-vintage fabric bottlecap suzy ring
    sparklepaw-beaver pocket mirror
    goodbloom-hola print
    handmadejulz-peace and love coaster set
    Stephanie Fizer-Hello Cupcake Flat Notecards Set of 5
    Victoria Usova-Birds and Tea Love reversible Art pendant
    Number Eight-Sanarra Open Edition Print
    Mika-Little woman and her bag – Art brooch collage
    Sim Sima-Big Hair Silkscreened Pin
    Cordial Kitten -Coffee or Tea Pendant
    Denise Ann Holmes -Think Spring
    Gretchenmist -blue trees in the breeze print
    susan schwake-OrangeBlossom Trio original painting
    sallyillustration-sally illustration stickers
    Yali Paz -Gili – paper clay doll
    Melody Seal -Mr Fox – Set of 4 Cards
    Anna Wadham -Red Elephant
    Kate Endle-Rainy Summer Day
    Mirthquake -Set of 3 magnets with birds, Magpie, Seagull and Sparrow
    Christine Berrie-YELLOW VOLKSWAGEN CAMPER– Limited Edition Print
    Valerie Pensworth -Photobooth Rainbow
    3CD Kidstuff -Cheep
    Jesses Mess-My Black Hen (print)

    More power pikaland!

  44. So many fabulous artists. Thanks so much for sharing the links & hosting the giveaway. Here are some of my favorites

    Take-Out Notes by zoetropa

    Meditative Blockprint Moleskin Journal by Silver Tree Art

    SparklePaw’s Wicked Awesome Bunny Card

    Good Bloom’s Joined-Print

    Vusova’s Little Piece of Summer reversible Art Pendant

  45. JessesMess’ dragonfly is marvelous:

    numbereight’s Gibson Girl notecards would make me so happy:

    This long-armed plush from Mike makes me want to hug someone:

    All of melodyseal’s rabbit pieces are great, but especially this gathering:

  46. I think my favorite (tough competition) are the bird items at Mirth Quake ( love that name too..) The bird pendant and notebooks…the pictures are so lifelike.

  47. holy cow – so much giveaway goodness! from so many of my most loved artists!!! yay! 😀

    my favs:
    1-sparkle paw cards & mirrors – super cute!
    2-anything from kate endle <3!
    3-silver tree art- the wooden spoons & poppy round flower lino-prints!
    4-zoetropa- bunny & maryjane cards <3!
    5-lertsis- give me a big hug postcard & love delivery
    6-Mika- plush/pillow!!!
    7-Sally Illustration- all, but esp “Don’t be a dippy lick a whippy badges” <3
    8- Gretchen Mist- wow! so <3 your work!!! we all live peacefully at the edge of the water PRINT, the grasslands ORIGINAL mixed media drawing, we are here ORIGINAL drawing, we love the night life ORIGINAL mixed media drawing, and night mist ORIGINAL mixed media drawing
    9- Sim Sima- lovely silk-screened pins!
    10- Denise Ann Holmes- Think Spring print is so cute. Resonates with me (b-day is the first day of spring!)

    thanks so much again for the terrific giveaway! all good wishes =^..^=

  48. Wow!! Such amazing stuff! What fun to look through it all!
    I love:
    Paper Kate’s penguins and Lovely girl cards

    Memo’s bird cushion

    Everything by Luciana Carossia

    Lertsis’s Packed Hearts card:

    Everything by ZoeTropia
    Sparklepaw’s EVERYTHING—Esp Octopus cards
    Julz necklaces
    3cd Kidstuff Alpha letters
    CB78’s Microcars and Scrabble Soulmates
    Mirthquake—Bird Necklaces
    Kate Endle collage—Any of the owl prints (wow!!)

    Stephanie Fizer’s Owl party stickers
    All Cordial Kitten’s stuff (esp prints and necklaces)

  49. Ok I narrowed it down to this list of my top 5 favs:

    Hello Memo- Bird Cushion

    Sparklepaw – Beaver Pocket Mirror

    GoodBloom – Among the Giants print

    Numbereight – Flossy Open Edition Print

    & last but not least

    Kate Endle – Little Dollies

    Thanks for the chance to win! x

  50. Loved Good Bloom’s No 3 print with the asymmetrical flower
    Victoria Usova’s The Princess Who Loved Animals
    Mika’s miniature wall art (actually everything on that site)
    Sim Sima’s big hair brooches are so fun. Really I want all of them.
    Gretchenmist “we think outloud” print
    Yali Paz’s work. am loving the Babette doll mobile from her Etsy site.

    All the work is wonderful.
    Anna S.
    annasoc1(at) verizon (dot) net

  51. Wow! This is so cool – and fun. My faves:
    Mika’s Peperine softie
    Cordial Kitten’s print “Second Guessing”
    and Gretchenmists’ print “green ocean with moon and sun
    Thanks for doing this!

  52. This is so great! My favourite is Zoetropa. I love all of her stickers. They’re so cute!Thank you for the chance to get this give away.

  53. Hi, I loved Rosemary Travale’s “The New Guy” – would be such a great gift for anyone starting a new office job, the expressions are fantastic.

    *Mirthquake’s prints are special, I couldn’t pick just one but if I had to – the Winter Wren is my favorite.

    *Thank you for helping me discover Yali Paz’s work – especially the “Moon Cat” print or “I love honey” – my daughter loves these too

    *Then I truly enjoy Gretchenmist’s “We Think Out Loud” print/design

    *My next favorite is Cordial Kitten’s “Unusual Nesting Habits” – we just read a book about a boat in a tree, and this hits the spot. I love it.

    * PaperKate’s geometric card set is lovely, would be great for children too (doesn’t everybody need beautiful note cards? 🙂

    *Helen Memo’s bird cushions are simple and not too sweet, I would like one in each color 🙂

    *Lertsis’ Kiss Me Gently card is my favorite

    *Zoetropa’s Rabbit Family Journal – wow! charming.

    I would love the package. It’s bursting with clever, beautiful designs and art and more.

  54. So many beautiful works by talented artists!

    My faves are:
    *Sparkle Paw’‘s Deer Pocket Mirror – too cute,
    *Good Bloom’s Hola Print – love the colors & festive feel,
    *Handmade Julz – City Coaster Set – I’m a city girl myself,
    *Stephanie Fizer Grow Love Plant A Tree Print – I love the message. I’m trying to be more earth friendly,
    *Melody Seal Mr. Fox Wrapping Paper – I love the simplicity & folk art quality,
    *Anna Wadham’s Owl Necklace – so sweet and with a vintage feel,
    *Christine Berrie – any of her camera prints. I think they’re all so wonderful and she’s so amazingly talented!

  55. Mikacreations is so unique & cute in the most artsy way. Everything looks so finished and amazing. I especially love “Little woman and her bag – Art brooch collage”

  56. Hard to choose some favorites, all of these artists have great talent and are so unique. But if I have to choose 3:

    1. Yali Paz: I adore her “Hide-and-seek” print.
    2. Cordial Kitten: LOVE “Ernst the Gardener”, he is such a darling!
    3. Stephanie Fizer: I love the vivid colors that she uses and her delicate style.

    I’m gonna cross my fingers for myself 😀
    Thank you! xox

  57. #1. I love everything Rosemary Travale does! She has a style that reminds me of John K or “Ren & Stimpy” mixed with the new retro revival like the “Flapjack” cartoons! I would love to have one of her pirates or throwback characters!

    #2. Paperkate— Love the “Super Cute” rub-on set— especially the penguin and bird!!

    #3. At hellomemo— love screenprinted ships on notepads (esp. the colors) and budgie notecards!

    #4. Lertsis: Apples notebook

    #5. Zoetropa— love the simplicity and irony! Faves= ‘hello’, ‘take-out’, ‘tree stump’, ‘thermos’

    #6. Silver Tree Art: “Tree of life”

    #7. Sparkle Paw (one of my favorites overall!!) Love all of these cuties!! It is so hard to pick! Maybe the little beaver or whale mirror!

    #8. Good Bloom: I think I like the patterns and the use of woodgrain the most.
    I want this: because it reminds me of my favorite #!

    #9. Handmade Julez— wow wow wow, love love love!! I want the coasters with the unicorn, rainbow, horseshoes, and cameras!! I NEED one of the badges!! Umbrella, bike, camera…which to choose??

    #10. Valerie Pensworth I heart your work…particularly the ones with the watercolour washes…

    #11. Sally Faulkner: can I have everything?? I esp. want “don’t be a dippy” and love badge!!

    #12. Sim Sima I love your pins!

    #13. Melody Seal your style is so ethereal. Love your bunnies but want your foxes!

    #14. Christine Berrie— GASP I love your work!! I desperately want “9 Cameras” or any of the camera prints…

    #15: The Essence of Innocence— love the Alice series, been a fan from flickr originally, great to find the shop!!

    #16. Kate Endle— love the owlies and turtle!

    #17: Mike Creations— fan of the art and Lolapalooza doll!

  58. I love Paper Kate’s rub ons!
    Zoetropa’s moleskin notebooks (stumps are cute)
    Sparkle Paw has some very cute pocket mirrors!
    Stephanie Fizer has very cute stickers!
    Gretchenmist’s prints are very cute:)

  59. All of these artists are great and I am so excited to be able to see it all! It is hard to pick fav’s but here are a few of the standouts for me….

    I love any of Melody Seals Rabbit illustrations! Twitchity twitch. I love the other stuff too but the rabbits are extra specially special to me.

    Ohhhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh I Love the Owls at Night mirror…. from Anna Wadham gimmeeeee pleeeze!!!!!!

    I love…but my daughter would love even more….Mikacreations adoptable creatures!!!

    Victoria Usova’s Site it wonderful.
    I love Chest of Fairyland….all of it for me…umm I will share with my 6 year old maybe.


  60. I love the Route master bus by Christine Berrie and the bird prints from Mirthquake are wonderful especially the Robin. Finally Kate Endle’s owl print ‘Us’ caught my eye – so much talent everyone – fabulous! Almost forgot Hello memo’s cube chap – cool!

  61. I have always loved Mirthquakes birds! She is an amazingly talented artist! You have assembled a wonderful selection here though and winning would be such a joy…

  62. I love mirthquakes bird prints. The pendants are beautiful. I especially admire the Blackbird print. It is wonderful!

  63. super package

    I picked Mirthquake’s ‘things to do today & sketchbook in one booklet’ because it would make my life so much easier. designated areas for lists & doodling so no more filling margins and messing up my pages.
    Not to mention that it’s beautiful, and features a magpie, my favourite bird.

  64. I love birds and taking photographs of them, so my favorite is Mirthquake. I also really like the Valerie Pensworth stuff. (:

    It’s all so nice!

  65. so many lovely things, a few of my favs are:

    Super Cute Rub On Transfer Decals from paperkate – i want these!

    9 CAMERAS Limited Edition Print from CB78 – i love vintage cameras!

    The Best Kind of Day Print from StephanieFizer – i would get this for my baby sister!

    mini stickers from Hello Memo – actually, i love everything from this shop!

    GREAT giveaway, thanks pikaland!

  66. Wow! I absolutely love everything from handmade julz, paper kate’s rub-ons,everything by Mika.
    so cute!
    definitely an amazing pikapackage.

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