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Two of my dear blog friends have exciting news this week: Jena of Modish just unveiled a new section to her already fabulous blog called Biztips — she’s been a huge help to the community, and writes one of the best business tips on running your indie business — whether you’re an artist, crafter or just someone who sells handmade items.

And secondly, I’m so happy to see the faces of those I’ve only known via email — Erin of Design for Mankind was also very busy filming and making a new series called Dialogue, where she talks to people of all creative walks of life on various topics. See her first installment here, where she talks about balancing, and how do these three ladies do it all — Lisa Solomon, Jen Gotch and Kelly Lynn Jones!

{Congrats Jena and Erin!}

5 Replies to “Indie Business Tips”

  1. AnnLuise says:

    Dear Amy,
    thank you a lot. I will check both out. Erin´s blog I already know, from the ATC Kids Swap, wich was so great. Have a beautiful rest of that week, ;-))

  2. modish says:

    Thank you so much Amy, yay! 🙂

  3. oh dear— thank you! jena’s series is so so good, too. i’m so proud of our little community!

  4. Maureclaire says:

    Love “Imaginary Friend “ by Victoria Usova… I’m a cat person; and, that cat’s face is just wonderful… full of love !

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