The Selby

One of my favourite hangouts these days is…well… other people’s hangouts. If it were an actual place, you can find me at The Selby, where Todd Selby features photographs, paintings and videos of interesting people and their creative spaces.

Click on the images on the main page, where it will lead you to even more images of the person’s space, a handwritten Q+A and even watercolor illustrations of the featured personality.

Priceless and full of inspiration!

{Images courtesy of Todd Selby}

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

I am smiling at the works on Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre helmed by Wilhelm Staehle and T.D.Rio. Scrolling down the innocent looking intricate paper cut-outs set against some serious paintings, I can hardly stifle a giggle as I read the naughty going-ons in the minds of the characters.

The duo has a wonderful shop called The Bazaarium where they have all sorts of Victorian-inspired goods and wares, like these deliciously intriguing mystery mini-books too, in addition to prints from their Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre.