Underground Art School’s contest

The peeps at Underground Art School sure know how to mix things up right before the new year! They’re running a little contest where you can win a free copy of Underground Art School Magazine’s 2009 calendar AND a limited edition calendar poster from Matt Hunsberger.

Just go on to their website leave a comment on how you plan to be creative in the new year before Friday, 2nd January.

Wait…. there’s more.

If you comment on this post right here (new year greetings, coming out of the woodwork hello’s, anything except pure gibberish, you’re in!) then you’ll also get a chance to win one of their one-of-a-kind illustrated buttons in addition to winning their loot over on their website.

So, get ready, click and shoot!


EDIT: Comments are now closed, thank you! The winner will be notified via email!

Silvia Pavarini

The thing I like most about Flickr is that I get to see the progression of styles from the artists who put on their work for the rest of the world to see. I think that Silvia Pavarini’s work is wonderfully sketchy and cute in a crazy-crayon wielding artist way. I’ve tried the crazy-crayon method and all it came out to be was just crazy, so you can understand why I like what she did.

She plays with other styles too, so take a look through her Flickr stream and read her blog — her items are up for sale, but only if you email her (she’s opening her Etsy shop soon though!) — I’m waiting to see more of what’s to come!


Hi peeps!

I’ve been away up north at my in-laws for the past five days and there is no internet connection at all, which explains the lack of posts — I’ll be back tomorrow night, so I’ll be able to share some new inspirations for you then! I can’t wait to be back, so have fun (I know I am) and be safe!

p/s- to readers of Desire to Inspire: a big welcome to the blog, and don’t let this little hiatus of mine put you off, haha! 😉

{Thanks Jo for the wonderful mention!}

See you all tomorrow!


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