Abbey Christine

No, the laptop is not quite done yet, and is still in the workshop, but from Renegade Handmade’s new shop I found the work of Abbey Hambright who sells under the name abbeychristine and I simply had to share. I am loving her custom-made felt finger puppets of pop culture icons and famous people (care for a Yoko Ono finger puppet anyone?), but find it ironic that I am sticking a finger up their you-know-what, even if it’s only figuratively! 🙂

Read her blog for updates on what she’s up to, and have a gander at her flickr stream for more indie goodness.

HD death.

Hi all!

Just a quick update on why you haven’t heard from me in awhile — my laptop’s hard drive died on me yesterday, and I also just found out that data retrieval is impossible. So the message of the week is to BACK UP YOUR DATA people! It’s horribly ironic because I scheduled my data backup to be at 5.30pm yesterday, but it went kaput at 5.15 pm. No warning, just weird clickity noises, and the dreaded flashing folder icon.

So I’m here without my laptop for 4 hours and already I’m feeling antsy. I’ll be getting her back on tuesday or so, but I hope to be able to post up a few posts I have lined up for you as soon as I can — a special interview series, no less!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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