Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

I am smiling at the works on Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre helmed by Wilhelm Staehle and T.D.Rio. Scrolling down the innocent looking intricate paper cut-outs set against some serious paintings, I can hardly stifle a giggle as I read the naughty going-ons in the minds of the characters.

The duo has a wonderful shop called The Bazaarium where they have all sorts of Victorian-inspired goods and wares, like these deliciously intriguing mystery mini-books too, in addition to prints from their Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre.


3 thoughts on “Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

  1. I really enjoyed that site when I first visited it a while back, but I completely forgot about it! Thank you for sharing it and reminding me of it again. This time I shall bookmark the page, hehe. 🙂

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