Snippets from AFCC 2014

Hi folks!

Right now I’m still in Singapore for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC), and I just wanted to leave you with a few insightful quotes that I’ve gathered from some of the speakers that has inspired me this year:

From illustrator James Mayhew:

A style is artificial. You should try to be you. Far better to be an honest illustrator who can be flexible about telling a story.

Children’s books aren’t just cute illustrations.

Illustration is an act of courage.

Never underestimates what would get a kid excited. Adults are the ones with the narrow worldview.

From illustrator Javier Zabala (read my interview with him here!):

It’s not just the techniques. If an illustration isn’t technically good, but tells a story, I’ll prefer it over an illustration that is masterful in technique but lacks emotion.

Illustration is communication.

Throw away your erasers.

And a few more from various other speakers:

“Typography & images can support each other in delivering a message. But they don’t have to say the same thing.” ~ Mariko Takagi, designer, author and lover of typography

“Publishers now think of themselves as entertainment companies.” ~ Eric Huang, Development Director, Made in Me, UK

“You do not need any permission to reach a global audience.” ~ Bill Belew, Social Media Consultant

“Seriously, do think about self-publishing your work instead of merely waiting for validation from gatekeepers.” ~ Fran Lebowitz, former literary agent with Writers House

I’ll catch up with you guys next week as I’ll be moderating the masterclass with Javier Zabala and Frane Lessac tomorrow!

[Image: That’s Javier sketching up a storm!]

2 Replies to “Snippets from AFCC 2014”

  1. Kristin says:

    The conference sounds amazing! And what great quotes.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    “Never underestimates what would get a kid excited. Adults are the ones with the narrow worldview.” Great quote! I totally agree!

    I’m working on a series of books with my characters so I’m enjoyed reading your post, Amy!
    I wish you good luck moderating the class! have a great time at the festival 😉

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