Amy Goh

Amy Goh

Amy Goh

Amy Goh

I’m scrutinizing these beautifully detailed black and white illustrations from Amy Goh, an artist based in Montreal. Her illustrated characters seem to be lifted from creatures in folklores – deep, dark and mysterious. Amy explains the hidden messages behind a few of them over on her blog, and here’s a statement on her collection aptly called Grotesque:

My images are inspired by a drive to articulate a language that can describe the land of sunken cities dreaming, beyond the veil of daytime reality. I derive my imagery from unconscious embarkations to such shadowy shores of dream from which I bring back fragmented narratives that I hope will resonate with daily anxieties and fears. I am obsessed with the notion of memory, identity, and the grotesque nature of the human being interacting with time, the cosmos, and the being ‘within’ the essence of things.

Deep? You betcha.

4 Replies to “Amy Goh”

  1. meeralee says:

    i love these. :] beautifully detailed and mysterious.

  2. these are beautiful. I love the kind of art that mixes grotesque and beauty.

  3. Daniela says:

    I love your illustration
    I aslo illustrator too =D
    you web site it´s nice!!!

  4. Amy Goh says:

    Thanks everybody for the lovely comments! I’ll be checking our your sites, too 🙂

    And thanks Amy so ever much for featuring me! I adore your site, so it’s a great honour seeing my name here-abouts!

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