supakitch + koralie

Supakitch & Koralie are a street artist team from France who have been living and working out of New York City. This video of a recent mural for the Museum of World Culture in Sweden has been making its rounds on the interwebs because (in my opinion) their work and process is freakin’ AWESOME!

Between the careful balance between freeform drawing and planning, the control they each have with numerous mediums and large scale size of this artwork… I’m blown away.

I don’t know what’s more inspiring: the final product or the process.

8 Replies to “supakitch + koralie”

  1. frannerd says:

    Oh god! I watched this video a couple weeks ago and is freaking amazing!
    The process, de painting, the markers! its to die for! And the music is also good.

    Greetings and cookies

  2. andi says:

    they are awesome, i keep seeing these guys popping up on the web – i would love to see some of this work in the real – too bad i am not in new york.

  3. bethany says:

    The lines, the patterns… everything is gorgeous!!! Just seeing the total picture is not enough… you have to see the detail work in the video to fully appreciate it. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Chantal says:

    I agree – freakin AWESOME : )

  5. kat says:

    yes i love this! i have this vid bookmarked and watch it every so often and it inspires me EVERY time! love the process and the rich colours. the song on the vid is also great

  6. Jutta says:

    All I can say is: WOW.

  7. Yojeh says:

    I live in sweden, so i got a chance to see it when i was in gotherburg. And it really is as amazing as you think it is, i spent a loang time just looking and the different deatails.

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