Pretty Birds — Pt. 1

I see animals and insects everywhere — they all seem to be a popular trend in the illustration/craft world out there. But you know one thing that almost never changes? The love of birds. All sorts and species of them — from finches, sparrows and owls; and I love them too — I think they look best when they’re in trees, singing away.

But to bring some into your home? Why, that would definitely spread some sunshine around.

Kate Wilson’s Blusher Bird

Bottom, clockwise from top left:
BirdNerd’s Mod Nuthatch ; Belle and Boo’s Release ; YumiYumi’s Zebra Finches ; Ashley G.‘s For the Birds ; Corid’s momma bird sets her little one straight ; Littlebirdsdesign’s Three White Birds Hand Pulled Linocut.

The “We like good weather” fair

If you’re in the fine city of Norwich in the UK, hop on over to the “We Like Good Weather” fair organised by the Fine City Friends. Consisting of Gemma Correll, her boyfriend Anthony Zinonos and Helen Entwisle — all very talented illustrators/photographers and crafters — the trio will be selling their prints, t-shirts toys and other offerings at the Playhouse Bar on Saturday, 16 February 2008. They called the fair such to ward off the spate of bad weather luck that befell their two earlier fairs, and looks mightily fun if you’re around the area.

Thanks, Gemma!