Skulls make the world go round

Amy Brown’s zines, clockwise from top left: Skulls Make the World Go Round; The RSPCA Are Nice To Animals, You Should Too, Probably; BBQs Are Hot; Good Dreams. Bad Dreams, Day Dreams.

Dear Amy,

I am a big fan of yours, and when I went over to your shop and tried to buy some things that might have some of your witty, wonderful images, there was only a few to be found—in the form of zines at that. And at your blog, I was teased by your colourful people and your one-liners that usually send me rolling on the floor with laughter.

Images from Amy Brown’s Blog

For now, I can only be appeased by a few of your full-color limited edition edition zines that’s for sale. And because I’m not a fan of ripping zines up, oh please, please, make some prints and put them up for sale so that I can hang some on my funny-depraved walls.


Prints from James Ulmer

James Ulmer does quirky, offbeat illustrations, which I feel are in the same vein as Amy Brown’s. These two prints are my favourites from the freelance illustrator who’s living in Philadelphia. His website is still under construction (but you can see some of his illustrations there), but hop on over to his Etsy store to see more!

James has since updated his website. Thanks for heads up, James!

From top:
Bicycle Built for Two (USD25); Happy Day print (USD25)