Thank you!

Pikaland's February Galleria!

Thank you so much to everyone who responded — I’m over the moon for all the well wishes, kind words and for the shoutouts I’ve received. I wouldn’t be able to have done this without your support!

For the artists, I just want you to know that I’d like to keep it to 35 ads per one month run for everyone’s benefit, and so the next free placement will go live on 14 March, and will last until 14 April. For those who’ve responded but have not given me their file, please do so soon to ensure a spot!

+++++ EDIT +++++
I’m putting all of your banners up right away, and instead of going the advertising route, I’m doing up a project called pikapackage, so watch out for it in future announcements! In the meantime, sign up for to be notified of new news!


And if you like the blog so far, please consider linking to our site — we’re only too happy to do the same in return! 🙂