Argyle Academy

Mike Lowery is a DC area artist who teaches art and design. His Argyle Academy comics are quietly hilarious and details the antics of Alexander, Matthew, Stockholm and Lionel the vampire cat; along with a few fruits.

A page from his journal

Places of interest in a small and haunted New England Town

His work is fresh and funny — I love the dialogs between his characters and his expressive linework; and his illustrations documented in his blog.

Oh, and he sells his originals drawings and tees in his shop too!

Original drawings & tees from Argyle Academy

Crowded Teeth’s 25 Project

From her 25 Project: The Accident Report Cards; The Pattern Pin Packs

In celebration of Michelle Romo’s 25th year of her life, she’s documenting her growth via 25 Project; an art project per day that started on November 21st, 2007, and will end on November 21st, 2008. Each month will have a different conceptual theme — the past few themes included Fonts and Typography and Scenes From a Daily Life.

Michelle’s House poster for 25 Project

There will be limited edition products (25 of each item only!) made each month that will be sold in her shop.
The end result will be 25 handmade books, and an art show.

A study in typography and fonts

Go Michelle!

The galleria & Project PikaPackageā„¢

So I’ve been thinking about the galleria and the blog, and how can I make it into something that everyone can be involved in.

And I’ve made a decision to do away with paid advertisements by artists/illustrators (unless they personally request for it!). The idea seemed plausible to me at first, but the more I think about it, it doesn’t encapsulate the spirit that I ultimately want pikaland to have.

So don’t fret — for now the galleria will display loads of cool people whose works rock. Thank you to everyone who emailed and submitted their banner for display — you can keep them coming in and I’ll just upload them right here where it will remain until the end of March; and come April, let’s start off with a project, shall we? It’s one I have been thinking of for the longest time, but didn’t have the guts to try.

Click here to learn more about Project PikaPackage, and how to get involved.

Once I’ve ironed everything out, I’ll get busy with my emails again. And did I say thank you for coming along for the ride? šŸ˜‰