Kristiana Pärn

Rabbits on a Marshmallow Tree, a print from an original series of bunnies on a tree paintings

Kristiana Pärn was born in Estonia in 1979, and sells under the name of krisblues on Etsy.

Winter note cards

I can’t seem to find more information on her portfolio site, but she does have a holiday blog where I found that she also sells her winter note cards.

Fox on Sunday, a print from a collection of original acrylic illustrations

My favorite has to be her illustration of foxes — they look like they are dancing in the woods! Her prints can also be found at Capucine and at the Blue Sky Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

Her website seems to load rather slowly when I last checked, but she also has a fun variety of work that’s really inspiring.


P/S: It’s great to be posting again! Thank you for all your kind wishes and for all the love I’ve received. 🙂


I’m back

Hello everyone, sorry I was absent these two days. This happened and I couldn’t eat or sleep. But good news is, we just found her and everything is alright.

I’m the happiest girl in the world right now.

I’ll be back tomorrow, and thank you for all your emails — I’ll be replying you soon. 🙂