Argyle Academy

Mike Lowery is a DC area artist who teaches art and design. His Argyle Academy comics are quietly hilarious and details the antics of Alexander, Matthew, Stockholm and Lionel the vampire cat; along with a few fruits.

A page from his journal

Places of interest in a small and haunted New England Town

His work is fresh and funny — I love the dialogs between his characters and his expressive linework; and his illustrations documented in his blog.

Oh, and he sells his originals drawings and tees in his shop too!

Original drawings & tees from Argyle Academy

2 Replies to “Argyle Academy”

  1. Do says:

    I love his illustrations. Especially the first comic. He makes me laugh 😀

  2. Tara Fortin says:

    Why couldn’t I have thought of that t-shirt design first! Its too super cute. Curses!


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