Studio Violet: New items

I was coveting some items from Studio Violet for some time now, and while I was waiting for a few more weeks (I had to wait for the piggybank to fill up!) Camilla and Elisabeth has restocked the shop with wonderful little goodies! I snapped up a pair of prints of Mr Mustache & Headhunters and four stamps of Manager Katta and her assistent Mr Mustache.

Here’s Studio Violet’s main site and here’s their delightful blog.

Snail Mail list

Happy Monday!

I’m compiling my snail mail list and was wondering if you’ll consider giving me your address so that I can add you to the list? This is purely for sending you the occasional postcard, greeting card and also a copy of the Good to Know zine whenever a new issue comes out (

This gesture is a token of thanks for supporting Pikaland – I’m so grateful for all the times you’ve featured Pikaland on your site, and that in turn has made Pikaland what it is today! Since I love getting updates via snail mail, I thought that you might too. ;)

Just let me know if you’re open to the idea, and if you are, it would be great if you could forward over your mailing address. (If you aren’t keen, that’s perfectly alright too!)


Good to Know: advice + inspiration from artists/illustrators/designers:

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Good to Know #2: Developing a personal style (GTK)

Hi there!

The topic for the second round of the Good to Know project kicks off with a question by Momo of :


When does one know that a personal style has developed? And is it important to know what exactly that style is?


If you’d like to take part, all you need to do is:
1. Reply to this e-mail with your response; and also
2. Add in your name + link to your blog/portfolio/shop

…. and please send it in within 5 days (by May 16) to be included and I’ll do the rest!

Have a great week ahead!


++ The Good to Know project is a monthly read available as a printed zine + PDF download that’s full of advice + inspiration from artists/illustrators/designers on creativity, business and life.
If you missed our first round that asks the question of how to overcome creative stumbling blocks, here’s the main page to get you there!