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Thank you so much for supporting the Pikapackage Project! We hope you’ll enjoy your package — which should arrive within 14 working days. And should you have any questions, please feel free to email us at amy[AT]

The PikaPackage GIVEAWAY!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! I’m so happy to announce the giveaway for our very first PikaPackage Project! And instead of ONE big winner, I’m dividing it into TWO for this round! Here’s how you can win yourself a goody bag containing great art from:

  1. Caitlin from Pepperminte who sent in her beautiful work in 4’ x 6’ matte prints;
  2. Manyi from Mau Studio who sent in an assortment of buttons, postcards and stickers;
  3. Iris Schwarz who sent in beautiful full-sized prints, tags and cards from her Paulette Editions;
  4. Cori of Corid who sent in her precious original artwork on wood;
  5. Norma of Crankbunny who sent in an assortment of fantastic pop up cards;
  6. Raphaella of Heartful Art who sent in inspiring postcards;
  7. Annette of Carambatack who sent in full-sized prints of her work;
  8. Susan of It’s a Whimsical Life who sent in full sized prints featuring her adorable characters;
  9. Enna who sent in postcard packs, envelope packs and her beautiful matrioshka wrapping paper;
  10. Amber Alexander who sent in full-sized prints and beautiful cards from her watercolor drawings;
  11. Kristiana of Krisblues who sent in beautiful full-sized prints of her illustrations on wood;
  12. Marianne of Appleseed who sent in a wonderful array of postcards (prints of her collage works) + paper packs filled with inspiration;
  13. Katrine K who sent in full-sized prints and glossies;
  14. Gemma Correll who sent in her very funny and lovely illustrations printed on zines, buttons, a coloring book, stickers and a pop tart brooch;
  15. Rachel from Elephantine who sent in adorable notecards and stickers;
  16. Justin of Justmadbooks who sent in his first issue of his Breathers comic books, and Birch, a small picture book;
  17. Heike of Felicitate88 who sent in linocut prints, collaged and printed postcards;
  18. Amanda Kindregan who sent in her lovely full-sized prints and cards;
  19. Kate of Charmfoundry who sent in her beautiful waxy postcard sets;
  20. Kajsa of Syko who sent in pretty sketchbooks and lovely postcards inspired from her quilts;
  21. Sarah+Ryan of Labpartners who sent in their 3-color letterpressed San Francisco print and many other yummy screenprinted prints;
  22. Junkyard Sam who sent in his wonderfully quirky full-sized prints, mini-prints and tags;
  23. Mo of Bismo080 who sent postcards, magnets, buttons, clips and notebooks all the way from Bangkok, Thailand;
  24. Blanca Helga who sent us her lovely collage print postcards;
  25. Olivia of Restlessthings who sent us mini-prints of her work plus a button set;
  26. The funky Stuart Kolakovic who sent in his illustrated comics titled “A Gosling”;
  27. Natasha of BubboTubbo who sent in her specially made prints from her new shop;
  28. Jo of 12fifteen who sent in a beautiful screenprinted linen cushion cover, prints and letterpressed card sets; and
  29. Jessie of Unicorn Kids Studios who sent in her lovely City Life prints!

So here’s what you need to do have a chance to win each one of these packages:

  1. Visit the shops of our participants, and write down here in the comments which product you like from their shop (plus the links); and/or
  2. Sign up for our mailing list.

You can do both — you’ll have more chances of getting one of the packages! The closing date for this is on Tuesday 6 May, 8 p.m. PST/PDT. I’ll pick one random winner from each (comments + mailing list) then!

Remember to read up on our participants in our PikaPackage zine too — you can download one here

And if you want to purchase a PikaPackage for yourself (and to support Pikaland!), click here!

P/S — Those who have already signed up for our mailing list will already be in the running, no worries!

The PikaPackage Zine!

Interested to know more about the participants for this round of the PikaPackage Project? Well, you’re in luck — we’ve gathered all of them for a quick chat about themselves, and among the questions I’ve thrown into the mix were what kind of superpowers they’d like to have! ;)

(The only exception was for Heike of Felicitate88 who didn’t manage to get back to us in time.) She’s in! :)

Download the latest copy HERE, or hop on to the PikaPackage page to get more details!